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Published on March 11, 2014

Author: machines4food



PowerPoint Presentation: Machines 4 Food Ltd New and used Food Processing Machinery Supplier ALL OUR MACHINES ARE GUARANTEED!!!!!!!! See Our Machines On PowerPoint Presentation: Laska stainless steel Mincer Model 130, plate size 130 mm diameter Hopper capacity 60 litres Stainless steel exterior Stainless steel worm, ginding barrel and end ring This is in stock ready for delivery and also we have Fatosa Self Feed Mincer PowerPoint Presentation: Cook Systems 2 available 80 litres and 180 litres Bratt pan, stainless steel, electric heated Tipping Discharge PowerPoint Presentation: NEW Machines 4 Food Depositors Manufactured an 316 stainless steel, 30 litre hopper, pneumatic operation, up to 20 strokes per minute, automatic and foot pedal operation, three current Models weight ranges from 26 to 60 ml, 50 to 125 ml, 100 to 250 ml. Standard Model foot mounted for table operation, table or floor mounted stand can be supplied. Machines 4 Food is also the supplier of Used Cooking Vessel . PowerPoint Presentation: Wright Pugson Cheese Cutter Model C33, Load cheese onto the conveyor this is pushed up through a cutting frame, then turned through 90 degrees and pushed through the 2nd cutting frame. One may also have Used Cheese and meat dicers . PowerPoint Presentation: Fatosa Frozen Meat Block Guillotine 7,000 Kg per hour, cuts a frozen meat block at up to minus 20 degrees. Additional cross cut blades can be added to produce small pieces of products. Standard 1st cut width is 40 mm but additional widths are available. Cross cut knives are available with a maximum number of 4 cross cut knives, option of a hydraulic block lift loader. One may choose New meat Flakers and Guillotines PowerPoint Presentation: Fatosa Frozen Meat Block Flaker Rotating knives with the block pressed into the blades by a pneumatic ram. Up to 7,000 Kg per hour. Full safety on all doors and very easy to clean, quick release pins to allow a safe and complete clean down. One may also choose Bowl Cutters & Bandsaws /Flakers from an exclusive collection of food processing machines. PowerPoint Presentation: Contact Us: Machines 4 Food Ltd, Unit 40, Second Avenue, Westfield Trading Estate, Midsomer , Norton, Radstock , BA3 4BH Telephone: ( Int ) 00 44 (0)1761 410345 Fax: ( Int ) (00) 44 (0)1761 410332 E-mail: [email protected] Website:

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