Mardi Gras 2020 in Sydney. Vivi Shin _ Shopping log

Information about Mardi Gras 2020 in Sydney. Vivi Shin _ Shopping log

Published on March 12, 2020

Author: AliceGrant10



1. Happy Mardi Gras 2020 06 Mar 2020 STRIM S-LOG Vivi Shin — Product Designer at STRIM

2. "Don't ever be afraid to show off your true colors." #sydney #mardi_gras_2020 #LGBT

3. Hi there, I’m a product designer just moved to Sydney recently. This log is about my first experience of Mardi Gras. My impression in a sentence, “There are tons of colors I haven’t recognized so far.”

4. Mardi Gras? Mardi Gras, is an annual LGBT pride parade and festival in Sydney, Australia, with hundreds of thousands of people from around Australia and overseas. Last year, 2019, the attendance for parade was almost 500,000. Such a huge festival worldwide!

5. The theme for Mardi Gras 2020 is... WHAT MATTERS!. Mardi Gras started in the spirit of protest, and this year is about.. WHAT MATTERS!

6. WHAT MATTERS to you? What are you willing to fight for? Who will you fight for, and what are you going to do? Captions from Mardi Gras 2020

7. So, here is a map for you. The parade starts at 7:30pm lasts until 11pm on Oxford street. So, I met my friend in the middle of the city around 4pm to see the crowd.

8. Rainbow Flag on Elizabeth Street

9. Carnival costume at Hyde Park

10. Pinky people at Hyde Park

11. We finally arrived at the main street and were able to see Happy Mardi Gras sign. It’s only been around 4 pm, but there were already a lot of people waiting for the parade.

12. Wearing rainbow and waiting for the parade!

13. He is so beautiful though.

14. Enjoy exhibition as well Thanks to walking around the street, we came across an art exhibition from Bonds, an Australian 100 years underwear brand.

15. There was a cute photoshoot event where they took free photoshoot and gave out print out. We didn’t try it but still was able to see many photos of others.

16. Beautiful Wall of Pride

17. I like colorful lighting :)

18. On the way of getting out the exhibition, we’ve got these free water bottles with rainbow as well. It felt so warm and welcomed. :)

19. 5:30pm, 2 hours before. So crowded! We were there earlier, but had time eating and wandering around a bit. So we didn’t take a seat, which was definitely regretful.

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