Marketing research 11 tricks to knock your campaign out of the park

Information about Marketing research 11 tricks to knock your campaign out of the park

Published on February 6, 2017

Author: ArloGibb



1. Marketing Research: 11 Tricks to Knock Your Campaign Out of the Park

2. Smart research is key when it comes to understanding your target audience and making the most of your digital marketing efforts. The result is high quality leads, first page Google rankings, and more bang for your marketing buck.

3. Here are the top tricks, techniques, and tools that you should be utilising to ensure that your marketing campaigns are successful.

4. Find the most relevant keywords by analysing which keywords are already being used to find your site. From there, use similar keywords and long-tail variations to drive even more traffic your way. As Google becomes smarter it favours contextual content over anything else, but using keywords in your URLs, titles, subtitles, and meta descriptions should be at the heart of your SEO strategy.

5. Long-tail keywords contain more words and therefore tend to be more specific. They do not get as many searches as their more general counterparts but they are likely to be more effective when it comes to your inbound marketing.

6. Making an impact with the search term, ‘seo tips,’ can be a challenge but you may be able to rank well with long-tail versions like ‘seo tips for beginners 2017’ or ‘best way to learn SEO.’

7. The Google Adwords Keyword Research Planning tool should be the first tool you use - but not the last! You’ll want to combine this foundational research with other free tools like Google Trends, SERPS or by simply looking at the ‘related searches’ towards the bottom of any Google search page.

8. Google is fast becoming a master at understanding a searcher’s keyword intent so keep in mind the various stages that your buyer persona may be in. In the Awareness stage, someone may search for ‘SEO help’; in the Decision stage it might be ‘top local marketing agencies.’ Keep this in mind as you categorise your keywords and craft your content or landing pages.

9. Take the time to refine your keywords by tapping them into Google and seeing what comes up. Which pages are ranking well? Could your keyword be more specific to help users find your site? This simple trick can help you refine your marketing whilst also developing your ability to conduct highly focussed keyword research.

10. Now that mobile search has surpassed desktop searching, local keyword SEO has become an essential technique for digital marketers. It can be used to help you reach your buyers where they are.

11. Access tools to understand where your market is located by state and region. Choosing the right kind of tool can also help you to understand what is going on in each industry and give your team even more data to help create successful campaigns.

12. Always keep your buyer personas in mind; they are the foundation of everything that you do in marketing. Think of them as the background of all your planning and strategizing efforts, from the messaging of your brand to the focus of the content that you produce. When you craft your marketing campaigns, you are speaking to them.

13. Understand your demographics MyBestSegments by Nielsen is an incredibly useful resource for marketers on the hunt for excellent data to help them create killer marketing strategies.

14. Discover market trends on social media by uncovering natural conversations about products or brands in real-time. It’s arguably the most powerful market research area at your disposal. Major social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and LinkedIn are where everything is being talked about (or pinned, posted, and tweeted!).

15. Find the market influencers using social media. Take notice of those who have the most followers, and the most engagement on their social networking sites. This can help your team to better frame their strategies.

16. Implementing these tips will lead to reliable and effective marketing research. The more you can focus your efforts on your specific targets, the more you will be able to achieve the results you want in terms of future business, brand awareness, and a clear demonstration of ROI.

17. Learn more about how to market successfully using today’s tips, tricks and strategies by downloading our free guide, “Building Brand Awareness: The Ultimate Guide for 2017”.

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