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Published on April 1, 2014

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PowerPoint Presentation: Mary Ann Hyman ; An Experienced Entrepreneur PowerPoint Presentation: Mary Ann Hyman is the founder and CO-CEO of Green Foot Global. This company sells EnviroTabs in Eurasia, Kenya, Europe and some of the other countries. Mary started her career at a very early age of 17 and got employed in a direct sales company. She is a very enthusiastic entrepreneur who always strives hard to bring up something new and unique that can help the company to nurture. PowerPoint Presentation: She was the head of the Product Advisory Board as well. Presently, she is the owner of a large networking company. Moreover, Mary Ann Hyman has more than 21 years of experience as a Network Marketer. She is not only a published author, a trainer, but, is also a speaker in the industry. She is very keen to assist women so that they lead in different fields of businesses. PowerPoint Presentation: Mary Hyman has been a strong speaker for a number of companies. She presented her views on the topic “Why Women and Networking Marketing” for the Women's Expo. This program was hosted by Clear Channel Radio. Before starting her career as Networking Marketer, she has also made special curriculums for the Canadian government. Mary has also offered services for a number of counsel boards of other organizations in the industry. PowerPoint Presentation: Mary Ann Hyman has been a guest to numerous radio shows. Being a guest spokesperson on MLM Divas, she taught about “Your 21 Day Road Map to Success”, her foundation program. PowerPoint Presentation: In the late twenties, Mary was a proud owner of a salon from where she recognized that customers always appreciate only quality products. She was always eager to know the composition of the products and was very particular about them. She always wanted that her products should be of high quality and cause no harmful effects on people. PowerPoint Presentation: Mary always wanted to taste success, so took guidance from the most experienced trainers in the industry, keeping their keynotes in mind and started striving hard to become a successful person. Today Mary Ann is the trainer and is helping thousands become more successful in their business as well as their personal life. PowerPoint Presentation: Thank You Mary Ann Hyman

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