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Published on April 1, 2014

Author: hyman111



PowerPoint Presentation: Mary Ann Hyman Is An Accomplished Trainer PowerPoint Presentation: Mary Ann Hyman is a seasoned training professional with a track record of proven successes. She has been a successful entrepreneur who started working in the industry at a young age. She has served on numerous advisory council boards of prestigious companies in the industry. Ms. Hyman loves helping people succeed in the life as well as in business. She accomplishes this aim through her generic consulting, training and keynote speaking. She is a sought after speaker and has been the keynote speaker for numerous organizations, including Women's Expo hosted by Clear Channel Radio, where she spoke on the topic of "Why Women and Network Marketing." She was a guest speaker with MLM Divas, teaching her foundational program, "Your 21 Day Road Map to Success”. She is recognized for her exceptional communication skills and the ability to encourage people to convert their dreams into reality. PowerPoint Presentation: In her successful career, Mary Ann Hyman has achieved an array of accomplishments. She is the head of a large network marketing Company. Mary Ann Hyman is a published author and a reputed trainer in the industry. She mentors, trains and promotes people to achieve their highest potential. She is a seasoned marketing professional who believes that you should be trained, coached and mentored by people who have actually built Marketing organizations and proven their achievements. She utilizes her knowledge and expertise in the network marketing field to coach people in the right direction. Her views and opinions are highly regarded in the industry. PowerPoint Presentation: She is passionately working towards helping women succeed in business. She assists, coaches and mentors them to achieve the desired goals. She acts as a source of inspiration and encouragement for all those who are looking for opportunities to make a mark in the competitive business arena. She is a dedicated entrepreneur and continues to achieve new heights of success. PowerPoint Presentation: Thank You Mary Ann Hyman

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