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Published on August 9, 2014

Author: MassageChertsey



Massage Chertsey: Sisadee has 10 years experience in massage. Sisadee offers a range of quality, authentic Thai Massage treatments for both women and men. Her aim is to restore the body’s natural balance and well-being through skilled, therapeutic Thai Massage. Massage Chertsey Massage Addlestone: Massage Addlestone Sisadee offer 3 different types of massage, Thai Massage, Deep Tissue Massage and the amazing Foot Massage. Other treatments include a Hot Stone Relaxation Massage and a relaxing Elemis Facial Treatment. Massage Shepperton: Massage Shepperton Ring on 07741 115 565 to book your treatment. Deep tissue massage is very effective in treating chronic problems such as stiff necks, strained or twisted shoulder muscles, and lower back stiffness or pain. It is also highly beneficial in reducing pain and discomfort in conditions such as whiplash and after a fall or an injury. This deeper style of massage may sometimes cause some soreness during, or in the days following the massage. This is simply the muscles releasing stored tension and toxins and will fade within a few days. Massage Chertsey For inquiries please visit :

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