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Published on May 21, 2012

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PowerPoint Presentation: DATA HANDALING PowerPoint Presentation: The collection, recording and presentation of data help us organize our experiences and draw inferences from them. In this Chapter ,we will take one more step towards learning to do this. You will come across Some kinds of data and graphs. INTRODUTION PowerPoint Presentation: The most common representative value Of a group of data is the arithmetic mean Or the mean. To understand let us look at the following example Arithmetic mean PowerPoint Presentation: Two vessels contain 20 litres and 60 litres Of milk respectively. What is the amount That each vessel would have, if both share The milk equally ?When we ask this question we are seeking the arithimetic mean PowerPoint Presentation: Total quantity of milk ================================================================ = Number of vessels 20+60 ----------------------------------------------------------------- = 2 40 liters PowerPoint Presentation: THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE HIGHEST AND THE LOWEST OBSERVATION GIVES US AN IDEA OF THE SPREAD OF THE OBS- ERVATIONS. THIS CAN BE FOUND BY SUBT- RACTING THE LOWEST OBSERVATION FRO- M THE HIGHESY OBSERVATION. Range PowerPoint Presentation: As we have mean is not the measure of central ten- dency or the only form of representative value. For Different requirements from a data, other measures Of central tendencies are used. MODE PowerPoint Presentation: Median is the middle value of the given numbers or distribution in their ascending order . Median is the average value of the two middle elements when the size of the distribution is even. MEDIAN PowerPoint Presentation: Example 1: To find the median of 4,5,7,2,1 [ODD]. Step 1: Count the total numbers given. There are 5 elements or numbers in the distribution Step 2: Arrange the numbers in ascending order. 1,2,4,5,7 Step 3: The total elements in the distribution (5) is odd. The middle position can be calculated using the formula. (n+1)/2 So the middle position is (5+1)/2 = 6/2 = 3 The number at 3rd position is = Median = 4 PowerPoint Presentation: Bar graphs A bar chart or bar graph is a chart with rectangular bars with lengths proportional to the values that they represent. The bars can be plotted vertically or horizontally. PowerPoint Presentation: Some examples of discontinuous data include 'shoe size' or 'eye colour', for which you would use a bar chart. In contrast, some examples of continuous data would be 'height' or 'weight'. PowerPoint Presentation: A bar chart is very useful if you are trying to record certain information whether it is continuous or not continuous data. Bar charts also look a lot like a histogram. They are often mistaken for each other PowerPoint Presentation: Bar charts are used for plotting discrete (or 'discontinuous') data i.e. data which has discrete values and is not continuous. For e.g. NO.OF MARKS OF CERTAIn STUDENTS IN A CLASS TEST: NO.OF MARKS OF CERTAI n STUDENTS IN A CLASS TEST PowerPoint Presentation: THE END By: JISBIN & UJJAY

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