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Published on July 26, 2014

Author: dhiraj114083



PowerPoint Presentation: MANAPPURAM FINANCE Maximo Training PowerPoint Presentation: Connect VPN using Maximo ID and password. Open Maximo URL ( ) and login, using user ID and password. PowerPoint Presentation: Go to Incident Owner page PowerPoint Presentation: Go to Service requests assigned to my group tab and click on the icon shown as below: PowerPoint Presentation: Click on the below icon. PowerPoint Presentation: Select SLAHOLD , QUEUED and INPROG then click OK Then go to right end side and click on Download PowerPoint Presentation: After downloading the report, you have to do the same process for the INCIDENT tickets also After downloading both report, you have to copy and paste both INCIDENT ( IN ) and SERVICE REQUEST ( SR ) tickets in a single excel sheet PowerPoint Presentation: Put a filter in excel and go to Status column and select QUEUED calls. PowerPoint Presentation: Go to Incidents tab Put the ticket number in find tab and press enter. The call will be opened. PowerPoint Presentation: Click below icon for accepting the ticket. Before accepting the call you should ensure the ticket belongs to your support location. If it is not belongs to you then you need to transfer the call to respective owner group. PowerPoint Presentation: Select your name from the list. PowerPoint Presentation: Go to the log and click on New Row . PowerPoint Presentation: Update the call status in the log column and click on save icon. After saving the updates the call will be in INPROG status. It is better to update expected engineer visiting time) After updating all QUEUED calls you have to update the INPROG calls then SLAHOLD calls. PowerPoint Presentation: Steps for closing a ticket in Maximo Open the call and update the details in log then click on Change status icon. PowerPoint Presentation: After clicking change status icon, below screen will pop up. We need to select Resolved and click on ok . PowerPoint Presentation: After selecting OK below window will pop up. We need to select close. PowerPoint Presentation: After that we need to give resolution code, symptom, cause & resolution details then click save. PowerPoint Presentation: Then one more window will pop up. We need to click on close . Now the call is resolved in Maximo tool. PowerPoint Presentation: Steps for moving a call to OEM bin. Update the log like “ Mouse is not working call logged to OEM waiting for ticket number from OEM” . Need to attach call logged mail also in log. While updating the log we need to select the status as SLAHOLD . Then click on the change status icon and select SLAHOLD . PowerPoint Presentation: Go to Activities page and update as below: If we got the ticket number already then we need to update the ticket number (OEM: 562) instead of ticket awaited. Then click on the long description and update the device details in the below format. The format should be same as below: Make: Wipro, Model: Ivalue, Ser No: ABCD1234, Spare: Mouse PowerPoint Presentation: Click on the below icon Scheduled start = call logged date & time with OEM Actual start = OEM ticket number received date & time Actual finish = call closed date & time by the OEM PowerPoint Presentation: After updating Activity page we need to select the Resolver group column. Then click save. Now the call is in OEM bin PowerPoint Presentation: For transferring Out of warranty call to MAFIL 1.Update the log properly with asset details (Make, model, Ser No. & spare) in Log. 2.Update the details in Activity tab in proper format (like OEM call). 3. Select the Owner group as C-MFL-IN-SPARE and save. After saving the update the call will go to MAFIL bin. PowerPoint Presentation: Important notes We need to accept all QUEUED calls within 30 minute. (From QUEUED to INPROG) We need to close all the non dependency calls within 3 working days. If you got a spare call in your bin please check whether that call belongs to your location or not. If the call belong to your location then accept the call by selecting your ID as owner if not leave it without doing anything. PowerPoint Presentation: Thank You

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