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Published on July 9, 2014

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PowerPoint Presentation: MECHETRONICS : CONTENTS: PART1: Definition Origin Automation Pnuematics Electro pnuematics Sensors Plc PART 2 : Project Conclusion DEFINITION:: DEFINITION: Mechetronics is the " sy nergistic integration of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering,telecommunication engineering,control engineering,computer engineering ". ORIGIN:: ORIGIN: The term mechetronics was introduced to technical terminology by Japanese company "YESKAWA ELECTRIC CORPORATION" founded in1969. Mechatronics Pnuematics Electro pnuematics Hydraulics 1.AUTOMATION :: 1 .AUTOMATION : Greek word =Auto+Matos means 'self-acting' Automation or automatic control, is the use of various control systems for operating equipment such as machinary,process in factories,boilers and heat treating ovens,switching in telephone networks,aircrafts and other applications. 2 Types: Open loop eg: air ,requires low pressure.(1 bar) Closed loop eg: blood,requires high pressure.(6 bar) 2.PNUEMATICS:: 2 . PNUEMATICS: Deals with study and application of pressurized gas to produce mechanical motion. used in industries and factroies .Input is compressed air or compressed inert gas. LOGICS:: LOGICS: AND OR VALVE: A mechanism to control the flow of the gas is known as valve. Referred as pilots. These are divided into 5 depending on no of ports and positions. 2/2 valve 3/2 valve 4/2 valve 4/3 valve 5/2 valve EXPLANATION:: EXPLANATION: For 2/2 : 2 ports and 2 positions For 3/2: 3preesure ports and 2 positions. APPLICATIONS:: APPLICATIONS: Clamping,shifting,positioning. Packing,feeding,door control,sorting of parts Stamping or embossing components. Drilling,milling,turning. Measuring of components. ADVANTAGE: Trasportation is easy. Less temperature fluctuations. More speed more accuracy. DISADVANTAGE: Noise pollution is high. Force requirement is more. 3.ELECTRO PNUEMATICS:: 3 . ELECTRO PNUEMATICS: The air pressure is controlled by the electric current, The control of pnuematics by electrical impulses is known as "electro pnuematics". Actuator : pnuematic Controller : electric circuit Input : solenoid VALVES: 2/2 valve 3/2 valve 4/2 valve 5/2 valve LIST OF VALVES WITH SYMBOLS: LIST OF VALVES WITH SYMBOLS CYLINDERS:: CYLINDERS: Helps to produce the force and motion resulting in the work. single acting double acting diaphram double rod tander plunger cable impact & duplex cylinders Explanation:: Explanation: Single acting Directs energy in 1 direction Double acting Directs energy in 2 directions 4.SENSORS: 4.SENSORS A sensor is a device, which responds to an input quantity by generating a functionally related output usually in the form of an electrical or optical signal. 5.PROGRAMMABLE LOGIC CONTROLLER(PLC): 5.PROGRAMMABLE LOGIC CONTROLLER(PLC) PLC is a digital computer used for automation of electromechanical processes, such as control of machinery on factory assembly lines , light fixture etc . LOGIC USED: RELAY LADDER LOGIC(RRL): LOGIC USED: RELAY LADDER LOGIC(RRL) STEP7: Organisation Blocks(OBs) Program Block(PBs) Sequence Block(SBs) Function Blocks(FBs) Data Blocks(DBs) ADVANTAGES: Ease of programming using ladder circuits Flexible and reliable Can with stand vibrations,noises etc temp range: 0 to 50 degrees PROJECT: AUTOMATIC FEEDING,STAMPING AND EJECTING OF COMPONENTS: PROJECT: AUTOMATIC FEEDING,STAMPING AND EJECTING OF COMPONENTS Presented By: Y.Laxmi Reddy V.Pratibha B.Priyanka Internal Guide : Deepa.G AIM: Automatic feeding ,stamping ejecting of a component.: AIM : A utomatic feeding ,stamping ejecting of a component. APPARATUS: Double acting cylinder,dcv,compressor,tubes,sensors,relays,plc,pc. PROCEDURE: Cylinder A : Feeding Cylinder B : Stamping Cylinder C : Ejecting A+A-B+B-C+C- RESULT & CONCLUSION: A dding plc to the electro pnuematics gives the flexible automation of the system.The system worked successfully with PLC SEQUENCE AND SEGMENTS: SEQUENCE AND SEGMENTS PowerPoint Presentation: QUERIES THANK YOU: THANK YOU

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