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Published on July 7, 2014

Author: joeyoung97



Planning and Pitching an Audio Visual Media: Planning and P itching an Audio V isual Media Joe Young Brief: Brief The task that we were given was to make a short film/documentary which would last approximately 5 minutes. We would have to edit the product and add a backing track to it using garage band. Brainstorming and Research: Brainstorming and Research I researched three short films. They were ‘Coffee, Cream and Nicotine’ which was the inspiration behind ‘The Life And Times Of Ryan Shore’. ‘The Elevator’ which inspired ‘The Journey From Hell’ and ‘The Most Beautiful Thing’ which was behind ‘Love Cannot Be Seen Or Heard’ 3 ideas: 3 ideas My three idea’s were ‘The life and times of Ryan Shore’. Based upon the short film; ‘Coffee, Cream and Nicotine. A short ‘mockumentary’ based upon failing, egotistical musician, Ryan Shore. ‘Love cannot be seen or heard’. Based upon ‘The most beautiful thing’. A compelling love story between a deaf girl and a blind boy. ‘The Journey from hell’. Based upon the short film ‘The Elevator’. A boy goes into a lift and endures the journey of his wildest nightmares. Examples of Roughs for idea 1: Examples of Roughs for idea 1 The life and times of Ryan Shore Comedy A camera crew interviews failing, egotistical pop star Ryan Shore, talking about how he deals with his ‘fame’ as well as all the ups and downs which come with it. (For full treatment see blog) The running time of the film is going to be 10-15 minutes, it is going to be aimed at teenage/twenties males. It contains just the one character, Ryan Shore himself. Examples of Roughs for idea 2: Examples of Roughs for idea 2 The journey from hell Comedy/drama A student who is expecting a fun weekend away with his friends. After writing a list of the top 5 things that he’d hate to be stuck in a lift with. He then doses off during class. His dream turns into a nightmare when he is stuck in a lift with the things on his list (For full treatment see blog) The running time will be around 5 minutes. It is going to be aimed at students. It contains just the one lead character. Idea to Develop: Idea to Develop I chose ‘The Life And Times Of Ryan Shore’ as my idea to develop as I thought it had the most potential to develop the most. My intentions were to create a funny mockumentary. I attempted the following editing techniques such as final cut and garage band. Feedback: Feedback My audience feedback consisted of the following positives The productions both had clear synopsis’. Both titles of the productions were appropriate. The areas to improve or further develop. Make the genre of the products clearer. Make the themes of the productions clearer. Use more lighting and shooting angles. Legal and Ethical considerations: Legal and Ethical considerations Where will it be displayed? In the mockumentary legal and ethical considerations were made into what was said, although it was improvised we were aware that certain things could not be said. Are there any copyright issues? There was not any copyright issues whilst making the film

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