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Published on January 13, 2008

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Soccer in Physics:  Soccer in Physics Susan Richter, Melanie Ramos, Andrew Lakeram, Dana Taddeo, Lauren, and Sidney Displacement :  Displacement Displacement is an objects overall change in position.  Unlike distance, displacement is a vector.  This means that it has both direction and magnitude.  When an object changes its direction of motion, displacement takes this direction change into account; heading in the opposite direction effectively begins to cancel whatever displacement there once was. Example 1:  Example 1 Susan kicks the soccer ball 10 m E in 4 seconds to Melanie who kicks the ball 5 m N into the goal in two seconds. What is the displacement ? 10mE 5mW A2+B2=C2 102 + 52 = C2 100 + 25 = C2 √125 = 11.2 11.2mNE Velocity:  Velocity Velocity helps us to combine ΔT and ΔS. It is the change in position divided by the time interval during which that change took place. This ratio increases as ΔS increases and ΔT decreases. This ratio is called average velocity. Example 2:  Example 2 Dana kicks the soccer ball 15 m E in 3 seconds.  It is intercepted and kicked 8 m W in 2 seconds.  What was the ball’s average velocity ? 15mE in 3 sec 8mW in 2 sec 8 ÷ 2 = 4 4 mps 15 ÷ 3 = 5 5mps V= 5-4 3-2 V= 1 1 1mps Acceleration:  Acceleration Acceleration has nothing to do with going fast. A person can be moving very fast and still not be accelerating. Acceleration has to do with changing how fast an object is moving. If an object is not changing its velocity, then the object is not accelerating. Anytime an object's velocity is changing, the object is said to be accelerating and there for it has an it has an acceleration. Example 3:  Example 3 Melanie dribbles the ball 9 m E for 3 seconds, turns and dribbles 2 m N for 1 sec, turns and dribbles 1 m E for 1 second.  She then runs with the ball 7 m E for 3 seconds, turns and runs 2 m W for 2.5 seconds.  She then kicks the ball into the goal 2 m N in 1 second.  What is the ball’s Acceleration? 3mpsE 2mpsN 2.3mpsE .8mpsW 2mpsN References:  References textbook- physics principles and problems by zitzewitz

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