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Published on July 1, 2009

Author: vikisiva



Slide 1: Vigneshwaran Web 2.0 Professional Create your Instant Live Chat Site Slide 2: Message Pub enables your web application to start sending notifications and messages in minutes. Message Pub provides all that functionality in one dead-simple API. Message Pub lets you send messages via a simple API to the following platforms: phone (text-to-speech), email, SMS, Twitter, Google chat, and AIM What's messagepub? : What's messagepub? A high-reliability messaging pub Slide 4: A web service to allow communication from your application to your users A single API to communicate via email, IM, twitter, SMS, and phone. Who's using messagepub? : Who's using messagepub? Sign up with message pub and get the ability to communicate via email, SMS, phone, Twitter, AIM, and Google Chat (with more soon)? Slide 6: Sending messages to your users where're they are Increasing interaction between users on different communication platforms Easy scheduling of messages, alerts or reminders automating the escalation of messages when there's no response What's messagepub good for? Slide 7: Interactive Dialogue Between Your Application And Your Users Slide 8:  More ways to use messagepub! Poll users across messaging platforms and aggregate the results Make your web app send phone messages to users Track which ways users respond to messages Build an alert system based on priority of contact information Slide 9: Chatting, sending message Messaging, chat, IM, create website Multichannel Messaging API Consolidate, Store and Surf your IM History Messaging Applications.... : Messaging Applications.... Slide 11: Message Pub - Multichannel Messaging API email phone SMS Twitter G Talk AIM Slide 12: Reference Http://[email protected] URL Http://messagepub-Multichannel-messaging-api.html Http:// Slide 13: [email protected] Contact at:

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