MHM Advertising Presentation Revised FEB 19

Information about MHM Advertising Presentation Revised FEB 19

Published on March 9, 2014

Author: medicalhealth



PowerPoint Presentation: Adv PowerPoint Presentation: Want More Customers? Want to Grow your Business? Powered by Need More Revenue ? PowerPoint Presentation: Who Are We? MHM is Headquartered in Dallas ,Texas Regional Office in Miami, Florida The Leader in DOOH TV Networks with over 180 offices Over 675,000 Viewers per month = Over 8,000,000 Viewers per Year Network is Powered by Digital Blue Dog DBD is Headquartered in Sarasota, Florida Digital Equipment & Signage Provider Featuring Florida Cancer Specialist The largest Oncology Practice in the Country Over 100 Offices Over 175 Physicians Seeing over 5,000,000 Patients and Companions per Year PowerPoint Presentation: What can we do for you!! PowerPoint Presentation: Bring you More Customers Powered by Grow your Current Business Make you More Money Watch Us PowerPoint Presentation:  Make the Right Choice Patient Education Network Featuring Florida Cancer Specialist Powered by Now Lets L ook at PowerPoint Presentation: P E N Featuring Florida Cancer Specialist Powered by HAS OVER 100 OFFICES SEEING AN AVERAGE 200 PATIENTS AND COMPANIONS PER DAY OVER 20,000 PER DAY OVER 100,000 PER WEEK OVER 5,200,000 PER YEAR PowerPoint Presentation: The MHM Patient Education Platform Powered by Become Part of the Winning Team PowerPoint Presentation: 30% - Doctor, Hospital or Clinic Information General Practice Information Photos/Bios Specialties 40% - Various Related Facts and Healthcare Information Educational Healthcare Information Fun Facts and Trivia 30% - Third-party Advertising : 15 and: 30 second messages Content Sponsorship/ Promotions Engaging Educational Content Measured Metrics Powered by Who will you be sharing the time with? Major Pharmaceutical Companies Like Johnson & Johnson Merck Claritin Pfizer Bayer Amgen PowerPoint Presentation: Typical 5 Office 3 Month Package Includes PROFESSIONAL DESIGNED 30 SEC COMMERCIAL BY MHM PLAYING IN FRONT OF OVER 1,000 PEOPLE PER DAY (5 OFFICES MIMIMUM) Powered by COMMERCIAL PLAYS Serious Repetition Of Your Brand In Front Of The Most Loyal Viewers Anywhere 4 TIMES PER HOUR x 5 OFFICES 750 TIMES PER WEEK 150 TIMES PER DAY 3000 TIMES PER MONTH 9000 TIME DURING THE 3 MONTH CAMPAIGN OVER 60,000 VIEWERS DURING THE 3 MONTH CAMPAIGN PowerPoint Presentation: Let’s Get Started Today Working with The Best Powered by

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