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Published on July 22, 2014

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Michael Henry Muniz Is A Well Read Psychologist And Counselor: Michael Henry Muniz Is A Well Read Psychologist And Counselor Michael Henry Muniz was the youngest child in the family. He was always the studious and the shy types born to doctor parents. He spent most of his childhood at his parents’ hospital reading books and helping the elderly, making his early life pleasant and uneventful. Since his early life, he mainly read writings of various authors who discussed social issues in their books. His interest in functioning of the human mind lead him to pursue his studies in psychology. Being influenced by various renowned psychologists further made him realize the depth of psychology. And just after he completed his degree he began working in the field of social issues. PowerPoint Presentation: Michael Henry Muniz studied the normal human behaviorism, which he felt often digs too deep and it begins from childhood. He examined various social issues such as caste prejudice, religious taboos, and did various personality tests to get to the root of it. He feels that all these issues have their roots from childhood and are deep-set in one's mind. According to him from childhood only, one is taught to come over the issue of inferiority over superiority being a major social issue. Striving to do better than others has always been a motivating force behind human behavior, thoughts, and emotions. All these have intrigued him and owing to this he has conducted in-depth research about how to channel these feelings in a good human behavior. PowerPoint Presentation: Most time of his career, he spent doing research, studies, and handling teaching positions at various places and universities. He is also associated with various speech clubs that deal mainly on social issues. He has written few books, papers, and has devoted some of his time to clinical practice. He takes counseling sessions in schools where he counsels children and parents explaining them the ill effects of social issues. As he feels that a child’s mind is very fragile and what he learns in his early years of growing up remains with him till the end of time. PowerPoint Presentation: Michael Henry Muniz feels that along with the children it is important to counsel parents, so that they think above the social issues and not follow these social norms blindly. He is a believer of democratic ideals in life and has always been influenced by psychology and education regarding social issues.

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