Michael Henry Muniz Is An Orthopedic Surgeon Who Enjoys Water Skiing

Information about Michael Henry Muniz Is An Orthopedic Surgeon Who Enjoys Water Skiing

Published on July 29, 2014

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Michael Henry Muniz Is An Orthopedic Surgeon Who Enjoys Water Skiing: Michael Henry Muniz Is An Orthopedic Surgeon Who Enjoys Water Skiing Michael Henry Muniz works as an orthopedic surgeon. He is an expert in his field and has handled all sorts of surgeries, simple to complex. He has written a few papers and worked with some renowned surgeons across the globe. He is a dedicated professional who gives his hundred percent in his work and spends most of his time performing research work. Things that he enjoys the most:: Things that he enjoys the most : Apart from his professional life, he is extremely fond of water skiing . Living in Florida is a boon to him as he has a fondness for water skiing but owing to his busy schedule he can hardly make time for it. Mr. Muniz loves to spend time on the beach, water skiing and enjoying the warmth of Sun. He loves being on the waters so that he can improve his skiing skills. For him it is an exhilarating experience and he cannot get enough of it. It is a highly strenuous activity that requires precession and skills. Owing to the increased use of upper and lower body, he regularly works out to strengthen his muscles to ski for long. It is a leisure activity for those who are viewing, but strenuous and competitive one for those who are doing it. PowerPoint Presentation: Michael Henry Muniz takes extra precautions while he is water skiing. While some people use ski boards, some prefer barefoot, which needs extra safety gear. He has been working on improving his skills to move on to barefoot but still needs to do more practice. Tips and suggestions :: Tips and suggestions : He feels that water skiing is not that tough if one uses the right skiing and safety equipment. Using a proper safety equipment saves one from water injuries as water skier glides on the water surface at a speed of about 70-80 miles per hour. One flip at such fast speed can cause the skier a lot of injuries if proper protection is not used. He also suggests that one should adhere to safety points, know the basic hand signals, wear a life jacket, and proper clothing when doing water skiing. PowerPoint Presentation: Michael Henry Muniz says just as there are rules and dangers in performing a surgery, it’s the same in case of water skiing. One has to learn it from a professional and know the technical aspects involved in it. It is important in both cases that one has a clear mind, is alert, knows the right technique, and is aware of the do's and don'ts. These make sure that one will not fail in the sport and have a great time. Water skiing is his passion and he enjoys it thoroughly. It is a great way to refresh as it leaves him all prepped and energized.

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Michael Henry Muniz
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