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Published on July 26, 2014

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BUSINESS MANAGEMENT-CIA By chethan: I have taken Micromax has my Brand BUSINESS MANAGEMENT-CIA By chethan PowerPoint Presentation: INTRODUCTION Micromax is one of the leading Indian Telecom Companies with 23domestic offices across the country and international offices in Hong Kong , USA, Dubai , Nepal, Sri lanka and Bangladesh. The Head quarters is in Gurgaon , Haryana , India . Currently Micromax has more than 560 districts through 125000 retail outlets in India. Micromax has successfully generated innovative technologies that have revolutionized the telecom consumer space .The company's vision is to develop path-breaking technologies and efficient processes that are newer to the markets . PowerPoint Presentation: HISTORY Micromax was originally incorporated on 29 March 2000 .  It started its  mobile phone  manufacturing operations in 2010 , when multinationals ruled the telecom industry. With its long battery and low priced phone it gained popularity and it is first Indian mobile company to start sales in Russia. untill Feb 2013,the company sourced all its mobile phones from China.However it started producing mobile phones in Uttrakhand and in smart phone dominated country Nepal PowerPoint Presentation: FOUNDERS OF THE COMPANY Rajesh Agar : Handles company finances Sumeet Arora : Chief T echnology Officer (CTO) Vikas jain : H andles alliances with other companies Rahul Sharma : Risk taker with the big ideas   PowerPoint Presentation: Versatile Product Portfolio   It was the first to introduce: 1. Handsets with 30 days battery backup 2. Handsets with Dual SIM / Dual Standby 3. Handsets Switching Networks (GSM - CDMA) using gravity sensors 4. Aspirational Qwerty Keypad Handsets 5. Operator Branded 3G Handsets 6. OMH CDMA Handsets, etc. PowerPoint Presentation:   Marketing strategy   With a 360 degree advertising and marketing strategy sketched out, the company has an optimistic outlook for the telecom consumer space . Currently present in more than 40,000 stores across the country, the company plans to have an aggressive market incursion to reach out toits customers through 70,000 operational stores in the coming year . One of the major aspects that contribute towards the substantial monthly growth of Micromax is its 80% sales in the rural areas . After building a strong presence in the rural market, where the prominence of both subscribers and operators is rapidly increasing , Micromax is now progressively moving towards establishing its foothold in the competitive urban towns as well . In the year 2008, after delivering upon the technology of fixed wireless-powering desired products, the company forayed into one of the most predominant genres of telecommunication Mobile handsets. Sincethen Micromax has received commendable response for its unique and interesting handsets . Innovation , Cost-Effective, Credible and an Insightful R&D are given high emphasis at Micromax in the telecom vertical PowerPoint Presentation: Competitors Micromax has a huge competition in Indian mobile market some of those are listed below.. 1) SAMSUNG 2) SONY 3)NOKIA 4)LG 5)Lenovo 6)Karban 7) Gionee (newly entered into Indian market with its worlds slimmest smart phone) PowerPoint Presentation: . Micromax’s 4P’s of marketing   1.Product So, as listed Micromax has been quite effective in the marking a difference with almost every product that it launched. The range that they have covered varies quite a large variety. Right from the handsets with 30 days battery backup, dual SIM, handsets switching networks(GSM -CDMA) using gravity sensors, aspirational QWERTY keypad handsets to operator branded 3G handsets to the most exciting OMHCDMA Handsets, etc . Every product of Micromax had the potential to grab the attention of media as well as the consumers in a market which is already flooded with mobile phone handsets and a launch is there in every day or two . Micromax’s first innovation was a handset with 30 days of standby battery life crucial in a country like India where power failures are common . Next there was a dual memory card phone, priced at £26, for callers who like to juggle the cheapest tariffs. PowerPoint Presentation: 2.Price Micromax specialized in entry-level and mid-segment handsets priced between Rs1,800 and Rs2,400 when it started selling the devices in 2008, confining itself to small towns and rural areas in the first 12-18 months. Encouraged by its success, the firm expanded to larger cities and now has a distribution network of 55,000 retailers, which it plans to scale up to 70,000 by the end of March as part of its strategy to raise sales to 1.5 million handsets a month . 3.Place   Micromax has invested Rs100 crores to set up a plant in Baddi in Himachal Pradesh as it feels outsourcing manufacturing completely leaves the door open for supply-side uncertainties . Production will be scaled up from an initial 50,000 per month.  If everything goes right, by the third phase in March 2011, the Baddi plant will be making about 500,000 handsets, Jain said . If the plant isn’t able to cope with the numbers, the fallback plan is to acquire a facility in South Korea, Taiwan or China. PowerPoint Presentation: 4.Promotion For Promotion Micromax currently tied up with Hollywood Celebrity “Hugh Jack man” As brand ambassador .Earlier it was tied up with Bollywood Actor “ Akshay Kumar”.. PowerPoint Presentation: Summary   Micromax , one of the new entrants in the Indian mobile handset market. In a very short time, the company has been able to gain a prominent place in the market and has given sleepless nights to its established counter parts like Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, LG, etc. The company claims that it sells more than six and half lakh handsets every month in India .The company also plans to ramp up its distribution network to enhance sales even in the remotest parts of the country. Micromax plans to add30,000 more retailers to its 40,000 currently. Furthermore, the company is also aggressive as far as the high-end phone market is concerned, confirms Jain. In a move to challenge telecom giants such as Nokia, RIM, HTC and Samsung in the smart phone arena, the company is all set to offer an array of smartphones in the low prices range ."We will larch Windows powered smartphones in the current financial itself, that is hopefully in the beginning of the next year. These handsets will be low priced and enable consumers who wish to work on the move ."Due to its increasing customer base, the company needs a strong service network, says Jain. To increase its after-sale support, Micromax will add another 300 service centres to its current 400 centres .Moreover, Micromax is also looking to support its corporate customers through onsite service support effort which it will begin soon

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