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Published on March 8, 2014

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Strategy: Proofreading: Strategy: Proofreading Joanna Martinez February 24, 2014 Objectives: Objectives Students will be able to find spelling errors before final draft is completed. Students will be able to identify grammar mistakes by engaging in peer reviews. Introduction to Proofreading: Introduction to Proofreading Identifies writing errors before final draft is completed. Proofreading eliminates spelling, punctuation mistakes, and grammar mistakes. Improves quality of the writing. W ill guarantee a better score Prevents reader from gaining a negative impression Demonstrating Proofreading : Demonstrating Proofreading Read the sentence below out loud and listen for oddities in the use of words Pay attention to homonyms, words that sound alike but have differences in spelling. Ex. Your and you’re “Its a special kynd of reading where the physical fetures of words are more importent then their meaning.” How many spelling mistakes did you find? Guided Practice: Guided Practice Take five minutes to write a short paragraph Exchange papers with a classmate Proofread your classmates paper Only identify spelling mistakes by reading out loud Underline any misspelt words Apply It…: Apply It… Proofread your writing before preparing a final copy During proofreading: First check for misspelled words Second check for capitalization Third punctuation errors Assessment and Reflection: Assessment and Reflection Teacher will provide an editing checklist with symbols that will identify different errors Always reread your paper before completing the final copy Have a someone else read your paper The teacher will be the final editor of your paper

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