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Published on July 10, 2014

Author: thunderdomedfw

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PowerPoint Presentation: Mixed Martial Arts Training Welcome to Thunder Dome Sports, affiliate training center of Alliance Jiu-Jitsu, the 8X World Champion Team. 30 Day Free Trial for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or self-defense! Don’t miss this opportunity to begin your journe. Are you interested in joining a gym with a family-friendly, welcoming atmosphere, and the best instruction around? If so, you have found the right place. Not only do we offer professional instruction in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, Boxing, and Mixed Martial Arts, but we also offer fun and challenging group fitness classes and personal training. PowerPoint Presentation: Martial Arts If you are a first timer or a seasoned competitor, the Martial Arts training at Thunder dome will spark the warrior in you. Alliance Team Snow trains both children and adults in highly specialized skills to prepare you for self-defense, sport competition, or even a no-holds-barred match inside a cage. Our Thunder Boxing and Muay Thai team can also help you build great self-defense skills, tone up your muscles, give you great cardiovascular exercise, and develop your coordination and speed, all while forming you into a hardened human weapon. Fitness - Fitness at Thunder Dome Sports is customized toward each individual’s specific goals and needs. We offer training programs that are exciting and energizing for those who accept the challenge. Getting your body moving means you are getting closer to your own personal fitness goals, and having a great time doing it is just a bonus. Our instructors know how to get your heart pumping. PowerPoint Presentation: Thunder Dome Sports is a gym based on the idea that martial arts have something to offer everyone. Lead by a group of elite martial artists, our gym seeks to provide an outlet of expression for everyone, regardless of his/her background. Our staff is made up entirely of people who are passionate about what they do MISSION - Thunder Dome Sports’ mission is to provide the best possible outlet for people to better themselves as individuals, athletes, martial artists, and / or competitors. Combat sports are often the last result for parents whose children have not taken to traditional sports, and our goal is to make every child fall in love with Martial Arts from the start. We pride ourselves in the technical level of each of our students, which means that we take care and attention in developing the skills of each of them. PERSPECTIVE- Imparting to our students a champion mindset is very important. We have a responsibility to lead them, and to create leaders. Self-confidence, discipline, and a positive attitude all rest on having the right perspective. COMMUNITY - Through community-based fundraising benefits and charity events, our goal is to make an impact in the lives of others, especially those in need. The Brazilian Jiu- Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts communities in DFW are full of amazing people who truly care, know how to organize, and are very blessed in a myriad of ways as a whole. Most of the gyms around us are great examples of people working together for a greater good, and we are thankful to have their friendship and support. PowerPoint Presentation: For More Information Please Visit Our Sites http://www.thunderdomedfw.com

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