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Published on July 21, 2010

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ISAS PRESENTATION ON MOBILE TECHNOLOGY : ISAS PRESENTATION ON MOBILE TECHNOLOGY SUBMITTED TO:- SUBMITTED BY:- Mrs. Prerna Mam. Aditi Chopra. 1 index : index Introduction – Definition of Mobile Technology. Benefits of Mobile Technology. Devices of Mobile Managing the use of Mobile devices. Usage of Mobile Technology. Images of Future Mobile Technology. Reference. 2 introduction-(definition of mobile technology) : introduction-(definition of mobile technology) Mobile technology is exactly what the name implies – technology that is portable. It is used as the communication technology using media transmission such as radio waves, microwave and Bluetooth so we can transfer any type of data with mobile technology such as voice, video, texts,….. Etc. 3 Benefits of mobile technology:- : Benefits of mobile technology:- Mobile computing can improve the service we offer our customers. Alternatively, we can enable customers to pay for services or goods without having to go to the till. This leads to great flexibility in working. 4 Disadvantages of mobile technology:- : Disadvantages of mobile technology:- Use of mobile phone can be addictive. Sometimes limiting our connectivity. People use Bluetooth and camera in bad ways. Mobile phone also increase your stress level. 5 Devices of mobile:- : Devices of mobile:- Laptop & PDAs. Mobile Telephonic Devices. Mobile Networking Devices. 6 Managing the use of mobile devices:- : Managing the use of mobile devices:- DO:- Use passwords to control access to mobile devices and our business network Ensure that our staff are properly trained to use these devices, and understand the security issues. Assign an ID number to each mobile device and keep track of who's using it. Look at where mobile devices may be of use in our business. 7 Slide 8: 8 Don't: Allow mobile devices to have free access to all sensitive corporate data, unless strong security measures are in place. Leave mobile devices in areas where they can be seen or easily taken. Share or leave password information in places where unauthorized users can find it. Usage of mobile technology:- : Usage of mobile technology:- We can use mobile :- In education, For social welfare, and To connect with other people form far away. 9 Role of mobile technology:- : Role of mobile technology:- Mobiles phones have become the personal dairies for many. Mobile phones have varied multi-function capabilities It is our reminder that keeps us updated of all our meetings and important events. Calculator and notes section has made the mobile phone our personal assistant. 10 Future mobile technology:- : Future mobile technology:- Multitasking High Speed Browsing Technology Desktop 11 Images for future mobiles:- : Images for future mobiles:- 12 Reference:- : Reference:- SOURCES:- 13 Slide 14: 14 THANK you

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