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Published on February 19, 2009

Author: jeanninewagner



Innovation for LearningEDUC 8841 : Innovation for LearningEDUC 8841 Presented byJeannine Wagner Slide 2: Mobile Technology Slide 3: Learning Wherever Whenever History of the PDA : History of the PDA Adoption Curve of the SmartPhone : Adoption Curve of the SmartPhone Slide 6: Strengths: Cost effective; at under $300.00 a piece, these handheld devices represent one-to-one computing at a fraction of the cost of a laptop. Easy use touch screen. Application downloads. Connectivity to classroom laptops/computers. Why mobile learning? : Why mobile learning? Meets… Technology Integration State Standards The ISAIL Standards for Information Literacy Skills The 21st Century Learning Skills School Improvement Plans to implement greater infusion of technology the learner where they are Who says? : Who says? Lead Thinkers: Dr. Elliot Soloway, University of Michigan Need: 1:1 Computing for students Researching: Handheld devices for classrooms iPod Touch : Development of Adoption: : Development of Adoption: Process: By identifying a champion of this type of innovation within our district, we will develop integrated lessons to be used with a hybrid approach within and outside of the classroom walls. This approach will include connectivity with instructor, other students, and classroom content through the handheld device. Adopters : Adopters There are a variety of individuals who come together in order to create our diverse community of teachers. In order to stress the importance of these 21st Century Learning Skills, we need to identify educators who are ready to create a shift of the educational model of learning. Identify Early Adopters : Identify Early Adopters Influential Opinion Leaders Towards Persuasion of Late Adopters : Persuasion of Late Adopters Strategies for bringing along the late adopters or laggards, may include, Informal meeting time Social networking pages for teachers Information through in-servicing Success stories from colleagues Influential Opinion Leaders Move to Mobile! : Move to Mobile! Adopt the iTouch as the handheld computing choice for our students and put learning into their hands!

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