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Published on June 30, 2014

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Peach Brandy Recipe: Peach Brandy Recipe Produced from Northeast Georgia Peaches at the peak of their ripeness, a refreshing taste perfect for mixing. Apple Brandy Recipe: Apple Brandy Recipe Things you will need for this very easy apple brandy recipe : 2 cups or more of peeled and chopped apples 3 pieces of 3 inches or 7.62cm long of cinnamon sticks 2 tbsp. or 30mL of water 2 ½ cups or 580mL of sugar 2 cups or 480mL of brandy 3 cups or 720mL of dry white wine An applejack or apple brandy is an alcoholic drink made up of apples. This is very popular in the American colonial times. Moonshine Legal: Moonshine Legal Producing moonshine has become illicit to those who do not have permits because of some health issues. Moonshine has been known and proven to be contaminated with toxics like methanol. Methanol is one form of alcohol that may cause death or blindness if consumed in high amount of dosage. Besides methanol, moonshine has ethanol that is needed in making fuels. Obviously, when not properly stored, this moonshine may cause fire or any kind of explosion. Peach Brandy Recipe: Peach Brandy Recipe For inquiries please visit :

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