Mulesoft Integration: a talk between SalesforceCat and SalesforceDog!, Julio Diego Barrado Fernández & Laura Diaz

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Published on August 28, 2019

Author: CzechDreamin



1. Mulesoft Integration: a talk between SalesforceCat and SalesforceDog! by Julio Fernandez & Laura Diaz

2. #CD19 Laura Diaz Practice Lead at Isobar @pelicanlaurich Julio Fernandez Senior Applications Developer at Desynit @julipool

3. #CD19 ● Why do we need Integrations? ● Salesforce Integrations ● MuleSoft Anypoint Platform ● A couple of Demo’s Intro and Overview

4. #CD19 Why do we need integration? • Data size predictions • Independent storage • Lake of unconnected systems • User experience IoT Devices Big Data Cloud Microservices SaaS

5. #CD19 Integration with Salesforce Platform

6. #CD19 Integrations leveraging Salesforce Platform Mixed IntegrationsNo- Code Integrations Code Integrations Salesforce Connect Heroku Connect External Services Wizard External Objects REST & SOAP API Bulk API Streaming API Apex REST Endpoints Apex HTTP Callouts Platform Events IOT Explorer

7. #CD19 Anypoint Platform Integrations with Mulesoft

8. #CD19 API-led connectivity MuleSoft Anypoint Platform • Connect any application, data source or device • Network of apps: • Easily build, and rapidly scale your network of apps, data and devices through integrations and APIs • Reusable components Connect Any App Implement any pattern Manage full API Lifecycle Run anywhere Anypoint Platform INTENTIONAL SELF-SERVICE SECURE BY DESIGN ACTIONABLE VISIBILITY SPEED OF DELIVERY FUTURE-PROOF ARCHITECTURE

9. #CD19 • Bundle of multiple components • Anypoint Design Center Connectors and Mule Applications Out-of-the-box Connectors Mule Applications

10. #CD19 MuleSoft’s very own Appexchange Anypoint Exchange MuleSoft has its very own Public and Private repository where you can get: • Connectors • Templates and Examples • REST and SOAP APIs • HTML APIs • RAML Fragments • Custom Apps

11. #CD19 Data Transformation: “process of converting data from one format to another” Operations Data Merge Data Aggregation Data Enrichment Data Summarization Data Filtering ETL and Data Transformation Operations ETL Extract Transform Load

12. #CD19 Demo Scheduled Data Load

13. #CD19 Demo Salesforce to Slack Integration

14. #CD19 Resources – Keep learning Source: Salesforce analysis based on Forrester TEI research (June 2018) Find a MuleSoft meetup Trailhead Data Integration Specialist Superbadge Salesforce Developers Blog Getting Started with MuleSoft: A Quick Start Guide for Salesforce Developers MuleSoft Anypoint Platform free trial Quick Starts in

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Czechitas, Ondřej Čejka
28. 08. 2019

Czechitas, Ondřej Čejka

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Czechitas, Ondřej Čejka
28. 08. 2019

Czechitas, Ondřej Čejka