Multivariable NPC Interaction System

Information about Multivariable NPC Interaction System

Published on December 22, 2009

Author: uatmedia



MNPCIS : MNPCIS Multivariable Non Player Character Interaction System What Is It? : What Is It? Every time two or more entities in a game take action or reciprocate, an interaction occurs. Interaction systems govern those occurrences. The Industry : The Industry Single Variable Systems Anything Made by Bioware All MMOs All JRPGs Everything Made by Lionhead Basically every game with non linear stories Example : Example Dragon Age: Origins Character Screen So What? Its Still Fun! : So What? Its Still Fun! Production Value Voice Actors Script Writers TIME MONEY Why Do I Care? : Why Do I Care? - 5 points : - 5 points -10 points? : -10 points? How Is Mine Different? : How Is Mine Different? Multiple Variables Independent Codependent Quantified Emotion Key Components Social Interactions Basically : Basically Innovation : Innovation The reinvention of a technologically valuable system used in the industry today.

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