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Published on March 12, 2020

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1. My experience with Running shoes 03 Mar 2020 STRIM S-LOG Junghyun Oh — Marketing Intern at STRIM

2. "there are many good running shoes out there." #self_care #running_shoes #health_life

3. I have recently bought many running shoes. Shoes are different for each person, but I will write my opinions to help those who are thinking about choosing running shoes.

4. Nike Free Run is light and comfortable. Interestingly it’s completely foldable and extremely flexible. Yes, I try several times to fold the shoes and it’s folded. So these foldable flexible shoes give me a barefoot experience. 1.Nike Free Run Series

5. It’s more like wearing a slipper than running shoes. I can feel the ground in my feet and stability while I’m walking or running. The downside is it’s like running in with slipper. The impact absorption is terrible so I can feel all the shocks in my feet and legs. Especially if you run on the road and paved sidewalks you can experience the pain in your feet and legs.

6. This is not my first time using Nike Joyride Flyknit. I keep using it because I can experience the best impact absorption that Nike offers with the running shoes. No matter what position you run in, your legs and feet won’t hurt and did not feel any shocks. 2.Nike Joyride Flyknit

7. However, with these wonderful features, Nike Joyride Flyknit is not a good running shoe for me. As you can see from the word "Flyknit," one of the main materials of shoes is knit. This knit material help to reduce the weight of the shoes, but this knit material brought a serious drawback other than the fragility issues.

8. In particular, the foot area is not as wide as you would expect, and the knit material is wrapped by parts of the sole. So, not being able to hold your feet properly and make you feel more anxious. Plus, the outsole is very fragile. I ran about 20 kilos, I can see the height difference in outsole because the rubber part of the outsole is already shrunken. Additionally, I have issues with fitting and size. I have wide feet and as many people complain, the shoes are too narrow. I have to choose one or two big shoes, so I feel the uncomfortable feeling in your foot.

9. It's light, it's not bad, and cushioning is not bad. You all know the problem of the midsole, the shape of midsole change over time. The shape of the front part disappears and becomes flat. The cushion also decreases and becomes hard as time goes by. 3.Nike Epic React, Epic React 2

10. The fit of Epic React 2 doesn't feel better than Epic React 1, It feels worse. The heel support height is too high for a running shoe. It can be an advantage for runners who land on their heels, but it can be an inconvenience if they land in the middle or in the front. In fact, if you run, it's more damaging to your legs than you expected.

11. The perfect running shoes that I ever used. Lightweight, the upper is also thin enough to hold my feet and It's breathable. Due to lightweight, this shoe did hold your ankle firmly. Most importantly Nike Air Zoom Pegasus is the best cost-effective shoes that I ever found. 4.Nike Air Zoom Pegasus

12. It only costs like 80 bucks but it’s better than any other running shoes in terms of performance. Compare to any other shoes, I enjoyed running with bare feet. The cushions that support the front of the feet are thin but the cushions with Zoom Air are placed till the front of the shoes. I am also satisfied with the impact absorption, even though the cushions are thinner than Free Run.

13. Plus, the midsole is great too. It’s not cutting edge technology midsole in these days but considers the impact absorption I can not find any better than this shoe. When I run mostly my front of the foot land on the ground first and Nike Air Zoom Pegasus holds my feet in a good shape. However, if your running with the back of your feet you can feel a lack of cushioning and impact absorption.

14. Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo 2 comes with ultimate cushioning that I ever found. This shoe comes with lightweight, and durability(better than what I expected). I love the design of the shoes, after all, it's hard to wear anything else. 5. Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo 2

15. Fluffy yet firmly grasps your feet. Even in the long run, my leg does not hurt at all because of the great shock absorption that provides from great midsole structure. I once purchased the knockoff products, it’s quite pricey shoes.

16. I recommend to wear it before purchasing this shoe you can feel the difference(will have urge run with this shoe). Other than that as minor issues are the upper is too thin and not flexible. Whenever you take off your shoes, you have to loosen and tighten them each time.

17. To me, ASICS GEL-Nimbus 20 is sticking to basic running shoes. This shoe does not come with cutting edge technology but it comes with the basic(standard) function that running shoes ought to have. This shoe comes with affordable prices, good cushioning, and good durability. 6.ASICS GEL-Nimbus 20

18. A runner like me who lands their front feet first on the grounds will feel uncomfortableness in their feel. The outsole is not flexible and fills with kinds of supporting structures. Compare to ASICS GEL-KAYANO, the ball space is not wide enough and toe space is narrow for me.

19. Like ASICS GEL-Nimbus 20, ASICS GEL-KAYANO 25 is also sticking to basic running shoes. However, it’s more appeals to me. This shoe demonstrates the purpose and importance of basic running shoes. 7.ASICS GEL-KAYANO 25

20. This shoe is well known for wide feet and comfortable shoes. While I’m wearing this shoe, literally, my toes move freely-the toe area is wider to the side, and more room to the top. Plus, ASICS GEL-KAYANO 25 shoe gives me kinds of refreshing feeling that I never received in any other running shoes. The area around the ankle is thick and fluffy, and the area around the heel is also strong.

21. I purchased Brooks Glycerin 17 last Saturday. Based on my two-day experience with this shoe, probably I’m no longer purchase the Nike React series. 8.Brooks Glycerin 17

22. Compare to Nike React, Brooks Glycerin 17 has a better cushion. While I run with Nike React certain time passes, the impact absorption ability in the cushion is inferior but Brooks Glycerin 17 does not. It's very similar to ASICS that more focus on the basics of running shoes but Brooks has a better design. Other than the ball feels narrower and heavier than I thought, it’s a good running shoe.

23. So, my conclusion is there are many good running shoes out there. I hope my experiences are helpful to you to choose the right running shoes for you. My pick for casual running is Nike Air Zoom Pegasus because it’s the best fit for my running form and running with bare feet. I will add more lists after I’m using more shoes.◼️

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