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Published on February 13, 2011

Author: VQueen777



My goals: My goals One: One Finish a novel. two: two Win NaNowrimo three: three Get a novel published four: four Learn to play piano five: five Learn to play guitar six: six Write a song seven: seven Make the most out of every day eight: eight Always be myself, not who others want me to be nine: nine Make one thousand paper cranes ten: ten Learn to not judge others eleven: eleven Find the magic in everything twelve: twelve Make someone’s life a little better thirteen: thirteen Find a place I can be happy fourteen: fourteen Become strong enough to stand alone Fifteen : Fifteen Become a better artist sixteen: sixteen Finish my sims 2 build a city challenge seventeen: seventeen Get a job Eighteen : Eighteen Save up enough money for my trip to India/Greece/Antarctica/other with Ayesha, and then go on said trip and have an amazing time nineteen: nineteen Send the second published copy of my book to Ayesha twenty: twenty Prove that Pluto is a planet Twenty one: Twenty one Have an adventure Twenty two: Twenty two Feel beautiful all the time Twenty three: Twenty three Make a career out of my passions Twenty four: Twenty four Live how I want to and not worry about what others think of it Twenty five: Twenty five Find someone who doesn’t mind my crazy difference from the ‘perfect girl’ and never let them go Twenty six: Twenty six Have a book signing with A yesha Twenty seven: Twenty seven Try not to worry too much about money Twenty eight: Twenty eight Leave behind a legacy Twenty nine: Twenty nine run my own café thirty: thirty Love and be loved Thirty one: Thirty one See all of the stars Thirty two: Thirty two Leave behind a legacy Thirty three: Thirty three Be missed once I’m gone

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