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Published on March 12, 2020

Author: AliceGrant10



1. My secret sleep therapies to beat jet lag 03 Mar 2020 STRIM S-LOG Jodi Ettenberg — Writer, public speaker & soup eater at Legalnomads

2. “ I use these items to help me beat jet lag while I’m travelling” #sleeptherapy #jetlag #travel #digital_nomad

3. Items to help you beat jet lag A long-haul flight can mess up your body clock. I find it takes me a week to adjust when returning from Vietnam, but with the tips below I’ve beat jet lag’s interference with my day-to-day living. #legalnomads

4. Take Melatonin before bed Personally, I’d sleep just fine, but would wake up in the middle of the night. In that cases, I will take 1/2 of a 300 mcg tablet to get back to sleep again. I will not do this for longer than 3 days. If the jet lag has thrown off my circadian rhythm such that it can’t remember it’s bedtime, I take one tablet just before bed. Melatonin, $5

5. Download F.lux on your laptop Since I have started restricting blue light at night, I have found it a lot easier to shift my body’s clock when needed, have slept more soundly, and have felt more alert in the morning. I have forced every friend and family member to download it immediately, and promised them that it would change their lives. Before After

6. Use artificial sunlight Philips Wake Up Light Alarm Clock, $78 This Philips alarm clock is built to mimic the sun rising over the planet. You can help shift your body faster to your current time zone.

7. Block out the light Sleep Master Sleep Mask with velcro, $25 It was recommended by someone else, and it’s come with me all around the world .Sleep Master Sleep Mask with velcro, perfect too. If you’ve got a small head like I do and regular ones just fall off easily.

8. Make your sleeping environment quiet Moldex Sparkplugs, &30 I use these Moldex Spark Plugs, used for NASCAR races, because my ears are ridiculously small and these compact down to the right size. They come in boxes of 200, so like me you may find yourself doling out earplugs to everyone around you.

9. Check out Legal Nomads where I share resources for people who want to become a digital nomad like me. ◼ You too can work and travel from anywhere

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