My top 5 Netflix series that got me extreme emotion. Shopping log

Information about My top 5 Netflix series that got me extreme emotion. Shopping log

Published on March 12, 2020

Author: AliceGrant10



1. My Top 5 Netflix Series that got me extreme emotion 03 Mar 2020 STRIM S-LOG

2. Netflix is one of my best getaways when my mind is not ready for reading. But even at the time of relaxation, you might want some stimulation. As a long time Netflix subscriber, I'll share things that got me extreme emotion.

3. I’m picking this cruel, creepy thriller because it draws so much of extreme emotion. My god, this guy is insanely creepy psychopath. The storyline is not particularly structured though. It simply makes you realize the world is not safe as it seems. It depicts obsession of an ordinary looking modern man. 5-2. You

4. It’s a ruthlessly violent drug cartel story with strong female lead. Among a number of drug cartel series on Netflix, it has suspense and struggle unique to become a leader in her unpredictable environment. A noir action drama about her lonely survival is quite entertaining. 5-1. Queen of the South From USA Network

5. I was hoping to see more about who he actually is, not what he does after Microsoft. Almost half of episodes focuses on his new conquering mission in humanitarian efforts. However, you can sneak peek some parts of his extraordinary characters with your 3-hour investment. You can definitely see his extreme level of self-control. 4. Inside Bill's Brain: Decoding Bill Gates

6. This is an epic story of a very young, brave, and brilliant woman. The show itself is a bit slow paced but nevertheless, it generates enough amount of suspense over the episodes. 3. The Crown

7. I am not sure how much of the portrayal of Winston Churchill and his relationship with Queen Elizabeth or British Royal Family would be true but it sure gave me a chance to look in different eyes. How hard would it be to live as a Queen!

8. I love this documentary and definitely worth your time to watch. What is the boundary for laissez-faire capitalism? How can we govern transactions of private parties with the right level of regulation and principles? If you want to understand something more about the financial system and scandals, this is the right type of show you totally need! You mostly likely feel resentment and disappointment of the society and system. 2. Dirty Money

9. I've binged the series over a week. Fonda and Tomlin are magic, and this is witty and timely series with realistic charm. Pleasantly surprised by their episodes with endearing storytelling on societal issues – retirement, adoption, hippie, addiction, and gay marriage. Can’t wait their next season! 1. Grace and Frankie

10. There are other great series I enjoy, like Billions or Modern Family, which are non-Netflix original. But I guess these 5 series were reasons I am still bound to #netflix.

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