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Published on December 9, 2009

Author: lalderson



Slide 1: Northeast Region States and Capitals On each slide is the name of a state. There are also photographs that represent the capital for that state. Try to guess the capital’s name based on the picture and text clues. Then click on a photo to find out the name of the capital. Click the purple arrows to get to the next slide. Throughout the slideshow there will also be clues to help you remember which capital goes with which state. Slide 2: Connecticut heart Ford truck Slide 3: Delaware A diver is wearing a swimming suit. Slide 4: Maine May is a warm month. August is a very hot month. Slide 5: Maryland This is Anna. These are police. Slide 6: Massachusetts This is the boss. Slide 7: New Hampshire This is a cord. This is a contact. Slide 8: New Jersey This is Trent. He has a new jersey on. Slide 9: New York These are all bunnies. Slide 10: Pennsylvania hair iceberg Slide 11: Rhode Island You use evidence to prove something. Slide 12: Vermont mountain peeler Slide 13: The capital of Connecticut is Hartford. *When you love someone, your hearts are connected. Slide 14: The capital of Delaware is Dover. *The diver who dove into the pool wears a swimming suit Slide 15: The capital of Maine is Augusta. *Maine is like May and Augusta is like August. May and August are both months. Slide 16: The capital of Maryland is Annapolis. *Anna and Mary are both girls’ names. Slide 17: The capital of Massachusetts is Boston. *Ton and mass both have to do with measurement. Slide 18: The capital of New Hampshire is Concord. *You put your corduroys in the clothes hamper after you wear them. Slide 19: The capital of New Jersey is Trenton. *Trent has a new jersey on. Slide 20: The capital of New York is Albany. *Albany ends with “ny”, New York’s initials. Slide 21: The capital of Pennsylvania is Harrisburg. *A girl might put a pencil in her hair to hold her hair back. Slide 22: The capital of Rhode Island is Providence. *There was evidence from the accident in the middle of the road. Slide 23: The capital of Vermont is Montpelier. Vermont and Montpelier both have “mont” in their name.

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