Necessary Things to Remember for Roof Cleaning

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Published on July 10, 2014

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Necessary Things to Remember for Roof Cleaning: Necessary Things to Remember for Roof Cleaning Is the roof of your house looking untidy?: Is the roof of your house looking untidy? PowerPoint Presentation: The Roof makes up the most important part of the house which adds an aesthetic value to the house. Over a period of time, moulds, moss and stains accumulate on the roof and destruct the look of entire structure or building. To maintain and extend the life of roof, the early detection of damage is necessary. Why Roof Cleaning is Essential?: Why Roof Cleaning is Essential? PowerPoint Presentation: To extend the life of roof. To prevent the accumulation of dirt and moss. To maintain the roof structure. To prevent the damage of roof that is caused by weathering and other factors. Roof Cleaning Methods: Roof Cleaning Methods PowerPoint Presentation: There are different types of roof cleaning methods. Roof cleaning with hot water Roof cleaning with chemical Roof cleaning with hot water is the most effective method. Process of Roof Cleaning: Process of Roof Cleaning PowerPoint Presentation: Pressure Washing This is the first method of roof cleaning process. Debris and dirt such as leaves, insects, etc. are removed. Chemical Treatment For the roof cleaning with chemical, a chemical is spread all over the roof to loosen up the debris. Dirt which is accumulated in the small pores is removed with the chemicals. PowerPoint Presentation: Rinsing Rinsing is the important part of the roof cleaning process. Rinsing remove the chemicals along with stains, debris, moss and dirt. Cleaning Gutters All debris and dirt are removed from the gutters. This is the final step of roof cleaning process. PowerPoint Presentation: Roof cleaning from the experts helps to renew your house. Number of professional roof restoration & repairs in Sydney offer a variety of services such as gutters and valleys cleaning, roof leak detection, leaking ridge capping solution, etc. at affordable rates.

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