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Published on August 1, 2014

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PowerPoint Presentation: Security Testing and Compliance Services providing Firm in Canada Network Test Labs Leading international provider for information technology security services Network Test Labs What we do?: What we do? Functional Testing Localization Testing Load Testing Security Testing Network Test Labs Testing Platforms: Testing Platforms Smartphone Testing Web Testing Desktop Testing Network Test Labs Why Choose Us?: Why Choose Us? We know what we do We have a team of experts who know their job well We employ state-of-art technology for testing Network Test Labs Functional Testing: Functional Testing Are you customers able to assess the applications? Easily test your application for better functionality making it highly practical for all the users at NTL Inc. Monitor your application Real-time issue reporting Complete Information on the go We work like as per your set rules Network Test Labs Usability Testing: Usability Testing Is your application intuitive enough? Expert-Led Usability Surveys The Participants You Requir An Expert test the Usability Detailed Test Reports Network Test Labs Localization Testing: Localization Testing Are your applications appropriately designed for specific locations? Network Test Labs Translation Services Participants at your specified locations Load Testing: Load Testing Network Test Labs Do your apps load instantly? NTL provides a wide range of load testing service for the good usability of your application. Scalability to execute load testing on-demand Custom load scripts Security Testing: Security Testing We comprehensively dig deep to uncover the complexities of the subject area, through our comprehensive security assessment services. Broad and all inclusive Baselines Ongoing Assessment Activities & Vulnerability Management Custom Assessment Programs Scalable Assessment Solutions Network Test Labs Contact NTL: Contact NTL Network Test Labs Head Office 170 - 422 Richards Street Vancouver, BC V6B 2Z4 [email protected] 1 866 444 9753 PowerPoint Presentation: Network Test Labs

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