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Published on August 1, 2014

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New Jersey Law Regarding Earphones: New Jersey Law Regarding Earphones What Is Illegal: In the state of New Jersey, the law prohibits individuals regardless of age to operate a motor vehicle, including a car, motorcycle or even a bicycle, while wearing earphones in both ears when attached to an audio device unless you are hearing impaired. In other words, it is illegal to use earphones in both ears while driving or riding. What Is Illegal PowerPoint Presentation: Studies have shown that drivers who are listening to music blasting through earphones in both ears may get more distracted than listening to music through their car stereo. Some experts even believe that listening to earphones through both ears is more distracting than texting while driving. As such, the law prohibits the use of ear buds in both ears while driving. The police may issue moving citations for the violation of this rule. Out of the State drivers are also be subject of punishment according to that State cell phone laws. What Is Legal?: New Jersey law does permit drivers, motorcyclists and even bicyclists to use one headphone to listen to music while driving or riding. In addition, individuals may use Bluetooth headsets legally under the law. What Is Legal? Reasons for Prohibiting Use of Earphones in Both Ears : There are many reasons why the State of New Jersey has banned the use of earphones in both ears while operating a vehicle, motorcycle or bicycle. The main reason is to protect the safety of the driver and other individuals on the road. The bottom line is that if both of your ears are covered with a headphone set, your hearing may be impaired. This may prevent you from hearing important safety signals, such as a car honking to warn you of potential danger. Reasons for Prohibiting Use of Earphones in Both Ears PowerPoint Presentation: However, there are some exceptions when using earphones will not be considered as a crime like reporting about an accident or serious road hazard or reporting to the appropriate authorities about careless, reckless or drunk driving. Driving is a privilege and responsibility too. Therefore, we should keep open our eyes and ears free to be aware of our surroundings while concentrating on the road. If you are pulled over due to the use of earphone, consider taking help of a qualified New Jersey car accident attorney to know the best options available to you.

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