New Year’s Resolution: Fix Your Labour Troubles

Information about New Year’s Resolution: Fix Your Labour Troubles

Published on August 7, 2014

Author: yangwha



New Year’s Resolution: Fix Your Labor Troubles : New Year’s Resolution: Fix Your Labor Troubles PowerPoint Presentation: What are the challenges you are facing this year? Turnover? Absenteeism? Skills shortage? Lack of commitment from your staff PowerPoint Presentation: Why face another year with the same old problems? Yangwha Australia has helped hundreds of companies, from large multi-national firms operating in Australia to family run businesses. Whatever your problems in the list above we have a solution. We supply skilled Filipino workers in management, professions and the trades. PowerPoint Presentation: With a population approaching 100 million and English as one of two national languages, the Philippines is the best choice for overseas workers. Along with a huge number of university graduates there is a tradition here of overseas work. Many of our workers bring backgrounds from cutting edge projects in the Middle East. There is another large group that bring excellent business experience from Singapore. The commitment overseas Filipino workers bring to their workplace is outstanding. Their desire to satisfy their supervisors and managers, their desire to support their large extended families at home, their desire to ensure their future in Australia wins them kudos from the companies that hire them.  PowerPoint Presentation: Take a look at our special offer here: ( yangwha landing page ). We offer a menu of managed services to accommodate your needs and a pricing structure any business can afford. Contact Pierre or Mike for a free, no obligation consultation about business sponsorship and adding Filipino overseas workers to your team. Don’t face the New Year with the same old problems-call now! PowerPoint Presentation: 6 YANGWHA GLOBAL

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