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Published on July 25, 2014

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Newport International Group Projects Company:: Newport International Group Projects Company: 20 China travel tips that will make your journey easier PowerPoint Presentation: (CNN) -- Exploring China can rattle even veteran travelers. And understandably so. It's a huge country with enough languages and dialects to leave even many native Chinese flummoxed at the thought of communicating away from home. But traveling away from the big cities isn't scary, and it's not unmanageable. Traveling for the past few years from my home base in Shanghai, I've picked up a lot of tips -- both from my own experiences and from others -- that make life on the road in China a little bit easier and a lot more rewarding. Here are 20 of them to get you started.: Here are 20 of them to get you started. 1. Score extra beds the easy way Chinese hotels aren't too fussy when it comes to matching the number of beds to the number of people, particularly when the extra bodies are children. For families, this can save a lot of cash. Rather than needing two rooms, a family of four can get cozy in a twin room, where both beds are the same size as a regular double bed. 2. Follow proper currency protocol Don't insult a Shanghai taxi driver by burdening him with small bills, such as 1 yuan or 5 jiao notes. He likes the jingle of coins. Conversely, in northern and western China, expect market vendors to reject coins outright. They only like paper money no matter how small the denomination. PowerPoint Presentation: 3. Use the best language app for travelers Pleco is the best Chinese language app for travelers.   The basic dictionary app is free. It costs US$14.95 to buy the optical character recognition function (compatible with the iPhone 4 or 5 camera). Point the iPhone at a Chinese menu and get an instant translation.     4. Customize your gifts Have fine items made by hand and to order -- a neon sign of your name, pair of riding boots, set of sheets, oak cabinet, silk quilt or cashmere coat.   China is the land of possibilities. If you can dream it, someone can make it.   The Shandong Juancheng Neon-Plasma Tech company make customized neon signs in one week and will ship anywhere. PowerPoint Presentation: 5. Use the best guides to offbeat China China Little T(r) ips is a series of guides for those who want to get off the well-worn tourist path in China, but don't have the inside knowledge or the language skills to do so.   These guides to Inner Mongolia, Gansu and soon Sichuan and Qinghai contain detailed itineraries, maps and language cards specific for each stage of the trip.   Inner Mongolia Guide RMB 78 ( US$12.50 ), ebook RMB 45 ( US$7 ), . 6. Order rice the right way Rice is rarely served during a meal in Chinese restaurants, being seen as a cheap way to fill up at the end if needed. Anyone wanting rice with his or her meal should make it clear to the waiter by saying: mifan (rice) mashang (straight away). PowerPoint Presentation: 7. Toilet paper reminder Toilet tissue is rarely found in public restrooms in China. Carry your own supplies . Article Source: http:// /2014/07/22/ travel /china- travel - tips / More At : http:// /

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