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Published on July 30, 2014

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Welcome to Williams Senior High School: Welcome to Williams Senior High School 2014-2015 Science Class Expectations Ms. Walker, teacher My Philosophy of Education: My Philosophy of Education The presence of mature individuals Helping students to transition over to young ladies and gentlemen Morally responsible High classroom expectations High level thinkers Idealism Minds willing and ready to learn Cooperation Course Description: Course Description Concepts covered include: - scientific problem solving - research - experimental design - laboratory safety - measurement - graphing - characteristics of life - cell structure - function - energy transfer in biological systems - genetics - diversity of life Course Description: Course Description Integral components include: - laboratory activities - research - technology Course Objectives: Course Objectives All topics discussed will follow in accordance with the Mississippi Science Framework. Attendance Policy: Attendance Policy A record will be kept of attendance. Homework will be used to determine tardiness - Turn in at the beginning of class - Incentives will be given bi-weekly for perfect attendance If you are tardy, you may miss something important or helpful. If you are not present, you may end up behind in learning. My Grading Scale: My Grading Scale A - 90-100 B - 89-80 C - 79-70 D - 69-60 F - 59-0 Homework: Homework Homework must be turned in on the following day at the beginning of class unless excused or stated otherwise. This is an attendance aide . Students are required to study assigned weekly vocabulary. - Quiz will be given at the start of the following week. Assigned lab reports are to be completed at home. Homework is to be completed as assigned. Chapter test weekly, so STUDY! STUDY! STUDY! Re-do Policy: Re-do Policy Certain exceptions will apply to this policy. Re-dos will be allowed at the teacher’s discretion. One TEST will be allowed as a re-do for the class as a unit by the teacher. - This will be based off the % of pass/fail. - The test will be different from the initial. The lowest QUIZ will be dropped and allowed a re-do as an incentive. (limited to one) Handbook: Handbook All other classroom rules will follow under those set in the Student’s School Handbook. A quiz will be given based off this the first week of school. Pay attention to things like consequences, dress code, absence policy, etc. The Beginning of High School: The Beginning of High School Transitioning over to young ladies and gentlemen… Welcome to the beginning of an awesome experience with science. Knowledge is POWER. “I Am…”: “I Am…” I am… I pretend… I understand… I wonder… I feel… I say… I hear… I touch… I dream… I see… I worry… I am (your name). I want… I cry… I am… I am… I Am…: I Am… I am an educator I wonder what lies ahead, I hear the voices of our future I see the potential that resides within them I want to leave an impressive and everlasting mark on their minds and instill wisdom within them I am educator I am…: I am… I pretend that I can touch the hearts of others with song I feel the ambition of my soul I touch the soils of desired destinations I worry about my family and my future I cry at the presence of others' struggles I am an educator I am…: I am… I understand that patience travels a distance I say every problem has a solution I dream of making the world better- one person at a time I am Nina Simone Walker, a teacher.

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