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Published on December 16, 2009

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Slide 1: NOVEL SOUNDTRACK Their Eyes Were Watching God Interpretive Project By: Laura Ecklund Slide 2: EVERYTHING YOU SHOULD KNOW TO UNDERSTAND MY NOVEL SOUNDTRACK: -Each slide will represent one out of twelve songs that I have chosen to be apart of the soundtrack for the novel Their Eyes Were Watching God. -The background of the slide will help signify the mood/atmosphere of the song and specific event or character it is relating to. -Each specific song will include its title, artist, lyrics, event description (specifically from text), the song/event connection, and an exterior hyperlink to listen to the song. Song #1: Does Anybody Hear Her? Artist: Casting Crowns : Song #1: Does Anybody Hear Her? Artist: Casting Crowns LYRICS: She is runningA hundred miles an hour in the wrong directionShe is tryingBut the canyon's ever wideningIn the depths of her cold heartSo she sets out on another misadventure just to findShe's another two years olderAnd she's three more steps behindDoes anybody hear her? Can anybody see?Or does anybody even knows she's going down todayUnder the shadow of our steepleWith all the lost and lonely peopleSearching for the hope that's tucked away in you and meDoes anybody hear her? Can anybody see?She is yearningFor shelter and affectionThat she never found at homeShe is searchingFor a hero to ride inTo ride in and save the dayAnd in walks her prince charmingAnd he knows just what to sayMomentary lapse of reasonAnd she gives herself awayIf judgement looms under every steepleIf lofty glances from lofty peopleCan't see past her scarlet letterAnd we never even met herHe is runningA hundred miles an hour in the wrong direction EVENT DESCRIPTION:While Janie is in both oppressive marriages (with Logan and Jody) she feels like she has no freedom or control. She is simply being ordered and instructed to live under the shadow of her husband(s) and is looking for an escape, but doesn’t know how. SONG/EVENT CONNECTION: I paired the song Does Anybody Hear Her? with how Janie felt in her two oppressive and dominating marriages. In the song (as shown in the lyrics) it is questioning if anybody is there to hear and rescue this helpless girl who is completely falling apart and doesn’t know where to turn. I believe this is exactly how Janie was feeling as she was living in these unhappy marriages with Jody and Logan. She was put under so much control and dictatorship that I can imagine her feeling as if there were millions of people around but nobody to help her, only to judge, as the songs states in the bridge, “if judgment looms under every steeple…If lofty glances from lofty people.” The second verse can also directly connect to the way she felt. She simply wanted someone to confide in and a place to go for comfort, as the song lyrics say, “She is yearning…For a shelter and affection…That she never found at home.” AUDIO LINK: Slide 4: Song #2: Let the Waters Rise Artist: Mikeschair LYRICS: Don't know where to beginIts like my world's caving inAnd I try but I can't control my fearWhere do I go from here?Sometimes its so hard to prayWhen You feel so far awayBut I am willing to goWhere you want me toGod, I trust YouThere's a raging sea Right in front of meWants to pull me inBring me to my kneesSo let the waters riseIf You want them to I will follow YouI will follow YouI will follow YouI will swim in the deep'Cuz You'll be next to meYou're in the eye of the stormAnd the calm of the seaYou'll never out of reachGod, You know where I've beenYou were there with me thenYou were faithful beforeYou'll be faithful againI'm holding Your handGod Your love is enoughYou will pull me throughI'm holding onto YouGod Your love is enoughI will follow YouI will follow You EVENT DESCRIPTION: In Chapter 18, a hurricane is headed straight for the Everglades. As it hits hard and strong, Janie and Tea Cake (along with Motor Boat) are among the few who decided to stick the storm out. They slowly move from place to place as the storm gets worse, seeking better shelter. SONG/EVENT CONNECTION: On a very literal connection, this song involves raging seas and so did the hurricane Janie and Tea Cake were stuck in. To dig deeper, I related this song because it displays Janie’s unfailing and never-ending trust and reliability in Tea Cake. The chorus states, “There's a raging sea, Right in front of me, Wants to pull me in, Bring me to my knees. So let the waters rise, If You want them to, I will follow You.” Although this is a Christian song and is relating this trust to our trust in following God, it can also be changed to express Janie relying on Tea Cake to get her out of this storm safely and follow him through any danger she may encounter. It’s too bad that Janie (or any character in the story) found or put their complete life and trust in God first; instead they turned to each other, like many people of this world do. AUDIO LINK: Slide 5: Song #3: Alive Again Artist: Matt Maher LYRICS: I woke up in darkness Surrounded by silence Oh where, oh where have I gone? I woke to reality Losing its grip on me Oh where, where have I gone? 'Cause I can see the light Before I see the sunrise You called and You shouted Broke through my deafness Now I'm breathing in and breathing out I'm alive again You shattered my darkness Washed away my blindness Now I'm breathing in and breathing out I'm alive again Late have I loved You You waited for me, I searched for You What took me so long? I was looking outside As if Love would ever want to hide I'm finding I was wrong 'Cause I feel the wind Before it hits my skin 'Cause I want You, Yes I want You I need You, and I'll do Whatever I have to just to get through 'Cause I love You, Yeah I love You EVENT DESCRIPTION: When Tea Cake and Janie first meet, he is like a breath of fresh air in her life. He brings a new and different energy that neither Logan nor Jody supplied in their marriages. He makes her feel special and how a lady should be treated, with respect. SONG/EVENT CONNECTION: The song Alive Again is all about the feeling of being completely brand new and transformed by (in my interpretation) Christ’s image. As stated in the song’s lyrics, our deafness and blindness are wiped away completely and we’ve been overcome by this amazing love and compassion of God’s. I imagine that this is how Janie felt when Tea Cake came into her life; a brand new and refreshed woman that now has a man to bring out her best qualities. AUDIO LINK: Slide 6: Song #4: Breakfast Table Artist: Chris Rice LYRICS: Was it a million miles to heaven Too far to hear my lonely song Or is it just my imagination I hear you humming along I only hold you in my dreams now I wake up with cold and empty arms Lord help me get through this long night without you And soon as the morning comes Soon as the morning comes Chorus: Save me a seat at the breakfast table Save me a dance around the Milky Way And save me a thousand years to whisper in your ears All I've wanted to say Save me a smile and an angel's feather Save me a walk down the streets of gold And baby, we'll change our minds just like old times And maybe we'll just fly away Or maybe we'll stay My lucky doll, you're in heaven before me You were my taste of heaven here Remember we loved to talk about it, we couldn't wait to get there So you go on and find your way around now But remember I'm here missing you Do me a favor and say hey to Jesus And tell him I'm missing him too Tell him I'm missing him too (chorus) EVENT DESCRIPTION: At the end of the novel, Janie has killed Tea Cake, against her desire. We find that she is still in madly in love with him and according to the last paragraph of the story, she believes he will still be living with her until “she herself had finished feeling and thinking” and then they shall meet again. SONG/EVENT CONNECTION: The song Breakfast Table by Chris Rice is all about two people separated by death, one on earth and one in heaven. The person left on earth holds onto the hope of meeting the other in heaven someday. It reminds me of Janie and Tea Cake’s relationship at the end of the novel. Although it never clearly mentions if they believe in heaven or if Tea Cake made it to heaven, it can be inferred that they will meet each other again somewhere by Janie’s assurance that Tea Cake is her “sun for a shawl” and has peace in the fact they will meet when she is no longer on earth. AUDIO LINK: Slide 7: Song #5: Say Artist: John Mayer LYRICS: Take all of your wasted honor Every little past frustration Take all of your so-called problems Better put them in quotations chorus: Say what you need to say (8x) Say what you need to say Say what you need to say Say what you need to say Say what you need to say Say what you need to say Say what you need to say Say what you need to say Walking like a one man army Fighting with the shadows in your head Living out the same old moment Knowing you’d be better off instead If you could only (chorus) Have no fear for giving in Have no fear for giving over You better know that in the end It’s better to say too much Than never to say what you need to say again Even if your hands are shaking And your faith is broken Even as the eyes are closing Do it with a heart wide open (chorus) EVENT DESCRIPTION: After so much bitter conflict in Jody and Janie’s marriage and the amount of times Jody degraded and verbally abused Janie in public and private, Janie finally steps out of her comfort zone and berates Jody in public. Although there are conflicting viewpoints from my group’s discussion as to whether this was morally right or not, Janie did it and expressed her anguish towards the horrible way Jody treated her for so long. SONG/EVENT CONNECTION: Janie berating Jody connects to the song Say because the song is all about having no fear in standing up for yourself and saying what’s on your heart rather than keeping it to yourself. Eventually after a long time of oppression and dictatorship under Jody, Janie realizes what this songs central message is, that “it’s better to say too much than never to say what you need to say.” She takes this plunge and decides to berate him in public and later in private as he is on his deathbed. AUDIO LINK: Slide 8: Song #6: It Just Takes One Artist: Addison Road LYRICS: What if we moved What if we wandered Took a reckless ride to the other side Of the tracks What if we knew somebody´s story Would we write them off like a number On a check Or could we be the only souls Who take the time to love and find The beauty in a nameless face Chorus: One it just takes one To step out from the crowd and show What love is all about One it just takes one To change a life forever Touch the world and make it better So what if we moved with no hesitations And learn to love the least of these without reserve Let´s spark a change in this generation And let our actions speak louder than our words And what if there´s a world in need of hope That only we can bring Brighter then the midday sun (chorus) It just takes one It just takes one It just takes one EVENT DESCRIPTION: When Janie and Tea Cake move to the Everglades they pretty much take over the town and become the center of attention. Their home is the known as the cool place to hang out, offering parties and gatherings every weekend. Their compassion and joy for each other and the town spreads to everyone. SONG/EVENT CONNECTION: The song It Just Takes One perfectly describes Janie and Tea Cake’s affect on their town in the Everglades. The lyrics’ message is about it only taking one person to “step out from the crowd and show what love is all about.” Janie and Tea Cake both do this by welcoming and gathering everyone together for regular parties and hang outs at their house. Their enthusiasm spreads through the town like a wild fire, changing lives and bringing the community together as one. AUDIO LINK: Slide 9: Song #7: The Day I Lost My Voice (suitcase song) Artist: Copeland LYRICS: It's sure as the floor 'neath my toesAnd somehow not surprisedThat I was superimposed, somehow in this lifeAnd if my friends and my foes would just drop me a line, it'd be nice.You see love is a drink that goes straight to my headAnd time is a lover and I'm caught in her stareAnd the sentiment there follows me straight to my bed through the night Chorus:I've got my life in a suitcase,I'm ready to run, run, run away..I've got no time, 'cause I'm always trying to run, run, run away'Cause everyday in here feels like it's only a game.I've got my life in a suitcase, a suitcase, a suitcase...What could be an anchor here, with a storm on the rise,When you never meant to see so clear, when smoke gets in your eyesAnd the men in the moon never makes his repliesUnderstood(chorus) For a moment I was one man and the world made senseFor a moment in this storm made of consequence EVENT DESCRIPTION: There are several times from the beginning to middle of the novel that Janie has the urge to run away. These instances occur while she is married to Logan and Jody. She wants to escape the problems and lack of love that are in these relationships, but it never carries it out because she is too afraid and doesn’t know where to go if she were to. SONG/EVENT CONNECTION: Janie’s desire to run away from her problems and tragedies relates directly to this song. The lyrics in the chorus state, “I’ve got my life in a suitcase, I’m ready to run, run, run away…’Cause everyday in here feels like it’s only a game…” I believe this is how Janie felt in her bad marriages with Logan and Jody. She felt like her life was locked and bottled up in a suitcase, as if she were to take off at any time, but then never ended up doing so. As much motivation as she had to leave and make something for herself, something always held her back, perhaps the overpowering persuasion and dictatorship the men had over her. AUDIO LINK: Slide 10: Song #8: The Meaning of Life Artist: Hawk Nelson LYRICS: It only takes one to make a difference It takes a little to changeLets start today for a new tomorrowDon’t look backI wont look back nowChorus: Hey yah gonna find a new beginningLately tired of the life I’m livinFind a way to make a changeIn the lives of all of us who needTo find the meaning of lifeWe run the race just to keep our distanceOur lives we must rearrangeLets chase away all our fear and sorrowDon’t hold back I wont hold back now(chorus) Oh oh oh ohOh oh oh ohLife LifeOh oh oh ohOh oh oh ohLife(chorus)Na na na na naNa na na na na na x4 EVENT DESCRIPTION: At the very end of the story Janie has discovered who she is. She is now independent and able to fend for herself. Now knowing and experiencing what love truly is, instead of what her grandma falsely thought it was, her light illuminates to situations even where she should technically be guilty and at fault. SONG/EVENT CONNECTION: As literal as it may be, the main connection is in the songs title, The Meaning of Life. This song accurately describes Janie’s final development of character. As the novel concludes, the audience finds that Janie isn’t regretting her mistakes or downs in life, but rather rejoicing and still loving Tea Cake, even though tragedy struck and took him away. She’s found her true meaning in life and how to love, live, and start a new beginning. AUDIO LINK: Slide 11: Song #9: You’re Not Shaken Artist: Phil Stacey LYRICS: I am sinking in the river that is ragingI am drowningWill I ever, rise to breathe againI wanna know whyI just wanna understandWill I ever know why?How could this be from Your hand?Chorus:When every little thing that I have dreamed would be just slips away like water through my handsAnd when it seems the walls of my beliefs are crashing down like they’re all made of sandI won’t, let go of You nowbecause I know, oh, You’re not shakenI am trembling in the darkness of my own fearAll the questions with no answersSo grip me while I’m hereAnd I may never know whyOh I may not understandBut I will lift up my eyes,and trust this is Your plan(chorus)When I am in the valleyof the shadow of deathYou’re not shakenYou’re not shakenYou're right here beside me and You have never leftYou're not shakenYou're not shaken EVENT DESCRIPTION: As Tea Cake is dying, Janie stays with him and cares for him till the very end when worse comes to worse and she has to kill him. Beside this fact, she mourns with him through the hard times and pain and simply wants the best for him. She holds onto him for as long as possible and is devastated to finally have to let go to her one true love in life. SONG/EVENT CONNECTION: As questions run through Janie’s mind of why her one true love (Tea Cake) has fallen deathly ill, why he has to be going crazy, why she has to kill him, she is longing for answers. Through this pain stirring in her heart, she puts it beside her and holds onto the little time she has remaining with him. This song accurately describes this bondage and strong relationship she has with Tea Cake. It also portrays how many dreams and goals Janie had for their marriage, that may never be fulfilled, but yet she won’t let go. AUDIO LINK: Slide 12: Song #10: The Lost Get Found Artist: Britt Nicole LYRICS: Hello my friendI remember when you wereSo alive with your wide eyesThen the light that you had in your heart was stolenNow you say that it ain't worth stayin'You wanna run but you're hesitatin'I'm talkin' to meChorus: Don't let your lights go downDon't let your fire burn outsomewhere, somebody needs a reason to believeWhy don't you rise up now?Don't be afraid to stand outThat's how the lost get foundThe lost get foundSo when you get the chanceAre you gonna take it?There's a really big world at your fingertipsAnd you know you have the chance to change itThere's a girl on the streets, she's cryin'There's a man whose faith is dyin'Love is calling you(chorus)Why do we go with the flowOr take an easier road?Why are we playin' it safe?Love came to show us the wayLove is a chance we should takeI'm movin' out of the way(chorus)So when you get the chanceAre you gonna take it?There's a really big world at your fingertipsAnd you know you have the chance to change it EVENT DESCRIPTION: Janie’s friend from Eatonville, Pheoby, helps her realize who she truly is and helps her through the hard times of her marriages. She often offers advice that Janie wouldn’t normally think of initially and acts as a moral support to her. SONG/EVENT CONNECTION: This song, The Lost Get Found, is a mirror image of the way that Pheoby aided Janie over the years. She helps Janie go from being “lost to found” in who she really is and what her purpose of life is. This song offers large amounts of encouragement to anyone who’s not feeling the best about themselves and the lyrics seems as if they could directly coming from one of Pheoby’s lengthy monologues in the novel. AUDIO LINK: Slide 13: Song #11: Made to Love Artist: Tobymac LYRICS: The dream is fading, now I'm staring at the doorI know its over cause my feet have hit the cold floorCheck my reflection, I ain't feelin what I seeIt's no mysteryWhatever happened to a passion I could live forWhat became of the flame that made me feel moreAnd when did I forget that... Chorus: I was made to love youI was made to find youI was made just for youMade to adore youI was made to loveAnd be loved by youYou were here before meYou were waiting on meAnd you said you'd keep meNever would you leave me I was made to loveand be loved by youThe dream's alive with my eyes opened wideBack in the ring you've got me swinging for the grand prizeI feel the haters spittin vapors on my dreamsBut I still believeI'm reachin out, reachin up, reachin overI feel a breeze cover me called JehovahAnd daddy I'm on my wayCause I was made to love...(chorus)(nah, nah, nah, nah - nah, nah, nah, nah, nah)(nah, nah, nah, nah - nah, nah, nah, nah, nah)Anything I would give up for you (nah, nah, nah, nah, nah)Everything, I'd give it all away (nah, nah, nah, nah, nah)(chorus)Yeah I'm loved by youYeah I'm loved by you (nah, nah, nah, nah, nah)Yeah I' m loved by you (nah, nah, nah, nah, nah)(nah, nah, nah, nah, nah)(nah, nah, nah, nah, nah) EVENT DESCRIPTION: In the early parts of the novel, Janie’s grandmother describes and tells Janie what she thinks love is. Unaware to any other form of love, Janie submits to and believes everything about this “faulty” love her grandma tells her about until she meets Tea Cake. This so called love is displayed as worldly, marrying for money and having the belief that love will come eventually, even if it isn’t there right away. Once meeting Tea Cake, Janie comes to realize this sort of love is incorrect and not the way she wants to live her love life by. SONG/EVENT CONNECTION: The song Made to Love provides strong contrast to the type of love Janie’s grandmother believed in. The lyrics are an example of Janie’s new and transformed view of what love truly is once she meets and marries Tea Cake. Finding, receiving, and learning about love are a huge central themes in this novel. AUDIO LINK: Slide 14: Song #12: Promise of a Lifetime Artist: Kutless LYRICS: I have fallen to my kneesAs I sing a lullaby of painI'm feeling broken in my melodyAs I sing to help the tears go away Then I remember the pledge you made to me I know you're always thereTo hear my every prayer insideI'm clinging to the promise of a lifetimeI hear the words you say To never walk away from me and leave behindThe promise of a lifetime Will you help me fall apartPick me up, take me in your armsFind my way back from the stormAnd you show me how to growThrough the change I still remember the pledge you made to meI am holding on to the hope I have insideWith you I will stay through every dayPutting my understanding aside And I am comforted EVENT DESCRIPTION: Early in Janie and Tea Cake’s marital relationship there were several times that Tea Cake would go out and not return when Janie expected him to. Each time this happened, Janie would freak out and worry that he had left her and taken all of their money. SONG/EVENT CONNECTION: As this song proceeds, it slowly goes through Janie’s initial trust issues with Tea Cake, later resulting in complete and renewed trust. At the beginning it can be related to Janie being devastated that she thinks Tea Cake has left her, then she realizes she has made a promise of a lifetime with him and he would never do that to her. She is “holding on to the hope…with you I will stay through every day.” Although this is yet another Christian song and to me is talking about God’s promise everlasting promise of heaven and comfort to us, it can be easily related to a marital relationship. AUDIO LINK:

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