Nutrient Deficiency Diagnosis in Maize and Potato

Information about Nutrient Deficiency Diagnosis in Maize and Potato

Published on July 23, 2014

Author: miansajidhussain



Nutrient Deficiency Diagnosis in Corn (Zea mays L.): Nutrient Deficiency Diagnosis in Corn ( Zea mays L.) Mian Sajid Hussain Plant Nutrition [email protected] +92-333-8382939 Nitrogen Deficiency: Nitrogen Deficiency Nitrogen deficiency causes pale, yellowish-green corn plants with spindly stalks. Symptoms appear on leaves as a v-shaped yellowing, starting at the tip and progressing down the midrib toward the leaf base. Phosphorus deficiency in corn: Phosphorus deficiency in corn Phosphorus deficient plant showing purple discoloration on leaves advancing along the leaf margins . D eficiency is usually visible on young corn plants. Potassium deficiency in corn: Potassium deficiency in corn Potassium deficient corn plants exhibit chlorosis along the leaf margins and tips of the older leaves. This spreads from the tip to the base then turns to necrosis. In severe cases, the leaves appear dry and scorched along the edges and tips. Potassium deficient leaf showing marginal chlorosis and necrosis starting from the leaf tip Boron deficiency in corn: Boron deficiency in corn symptoms showing in young leaves in corn. Deficiency is favored by drought; sandy soils that are low in organic matter; and high soil pH. Copper deficiency in corn: Copper deficiency in corn The youngest leaves are yellow as they come out of the whorl, and the tips may die. The stalk is soft and limp. Iron deficiency in corn: Iron deficiency in corn Deficiency symptoms first appear on younger leaves while older leaves remain normal (Left). As Fe deficiency persists, prominent green veins fade and become light green to pale yellow Zinc deficiency in corn.: Zinc deficiency in corn. Zinc deficient corn compared with Zinc sufficient corn (Left). White to yellow bands begin at the base of the leaf. The midrib and leaf margins remain green. Close-up of leaf showing the symptomatic white band Manganese deficient corn plant: Manganese deficient corn plant Pale green young leaves with pale yellow interveinal Magnesium deficiency in corn.: Magnesium deficiency in corn. Lower leaves showing reddening or browning of leaf tips and margins Calcium deficiency in corn: Calcium deficiency in corn Youngest leaves remain rolled and joined together at their tips Sulfur deficiency in corn: Sulfur deficiency in corn Pale green upper leaves and darker lower leaves Nutrient Deficiency Diagnosis in Potato (Solanum tuberosum L.): Nutrient Deficiency Diagnosis in Potato ( Solanum tuberosum L.) A Basic Lecture Nitrogen Deficiency: Nitrogen Deficiency Phosphorus Deficiency: Phosphorus Deficiency Potassium Deficiency: Potassium Deficiency Sulfur Deficiency: Sulfur Deficiency Iron Deficiency: Iron Deficiency Magnesium Deficiency: Magnesium Deficiency Manganese Deficiency: Manganese Deficiency Copper Toxicity in Potato: Copper Toxicity in Potato THANKS Source : Iowa State & Idaho University of Extension

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