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Published on March 11, 2014

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Ogma Conceptions: Ogma Conceptions Introduction Ogma Conceptions preserve the passion for big innovative ideas, little design, and a better approach to create customer-centric interactive experiences. About Ogma Conceptions: About Ogma Conceptions We are not solely a design agency. We are not simply graphic designers. Nor are we pure coders and artists. What we are is a team of builders with one goal in mind, to bring your ideas to life and help you craft and grow your business. Why Ogma Conceptions: Why Ogma Conceptions Our Achievement Ogma has a proven track record of helping to create successful e-commerce businesses. Ogma offers cost effective solutions and will work within any budget to help you bring your business online. If requested, Ogma will provide a strategic analysis of your customer base and industry to help you make the right decisions about your website and its presentation. Inroducing Ogma'ians: Inroducing Ogma'ians PowerPoint Presentation: Services Live Projects: Live Projects Le Grand Chef Ticket My Pal My roommate Bond Forever Mindwire Live Projects contd..: Live Projects contd.. Paradigm synergy Foodstantly Get out and get active Tradelab Chief Limos Contact Us: Contact Us Mailing Address OGMA Conceptions, LLC 5th Ave N Seattle, WA 98101 United States Development Centre 17/B, Bose Pukur Road Kolkata - 700 042 USA: 206-552-4456 West Bengal, India INDIA : 91-33-65402280 [email protected] ogmaconceptions.com

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