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Published on May 10, 2009

Author: Sammykins42

Source: authorstream.com


Slide 1: Oh My Stars Chapter Four: Back to College Slide 2: Welcome back to the fourth installment of Oh My Stars. Generation three is off at college. Here is Jupiter and Kari Raemon a random teen I sent with the kids who was originally gonna be my place holder. I caught Jupiter cheating because of her one nice point and Kari definitely fell for it. Slide 3: Everyone gained skills and did their schoolwork. Slide 4: “Hey Saturn, guess what!” “What?” “You won the vote, you get to carry on the legacy name.” “Really, that's great! I know you'll be proud of me” Slide 5: Snagged her first kiss from Tucker Platz, but apparently he likes himself a bit more. Next date. Slide 6: Meet River Kimbrell. I approve, this should be a good date. Slide 7: A date or two later they are crushes. Slide 8: Then best friends. Slide 9: Engagement and love, all on a beautiful winter night. Slide 10: Pretty soon graduation rolled around first up is our little heiress Saturn. Slide 11: Jupiter Slide 12: Venus Slide 13: Neptune Slide 14: Mars Slide 15: Mercury Slide 16: Another college year done, and everyone has graduated and hosting future chapters, while Saturn starts the next generation. Thanks for reading.

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