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Published on July 25, 2014

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Baking Courses: Baking Courses Baking for the future The Hurst Campus has Started a Bakery Training Course.: The H urst Campus has Started a Bakery Training Course. The Hurst Campus has opened a new bakery training facility at its premises on the Backsberg Estate near Paarl, in the heart of the Cape winelands . The bakery division is headed by resident baker and lecturer, Andrew Bryn Alexander, the " Bakerboy ", who personifies the new generation of young artisan bakers in South Africa. Andrew Alexander Training a Newbie.: Andrew Alexander Training a Newbie. Baker and Hurst Campus lecturer Andrew Alexander with student Chantell Barnard at work in the new bakery in the training facility on the Backsberg estate in the Cape W inelands . Andrew Alexander, 27, persoruhes the new generation of artisan bakers. He is a Former student of the Hurst campus. Use of Baking Courses: Use of Baking Courses Not to be confused with a pastry kitchen, this unique training feature provides freshly baked bread products for the faculty and students, who bake everything on site, themselves. Artisanal baked goods are crafted using selected ingredients and specialized industrial equipments to ensure that the correct consistency, taste and finish is achieved . The Concept: The Concept The concept of an in-house bakery and specialized training facility was introduced by Rebecca Hurst to further extend the educational experiences on campus, with the vision to create opportunities for her students to be taught the specific skills that will equip them for a career as a baker in the hospitality industry. This is done in conjunction with hospitality management and chef training to ensure that each student receives a comprehensive all-round learning experience that will qualify them for a variety of careers within the industry. Registration for The Course: Registration for The Course Registration is currently open for the 15-months Advanced Food and Wine Chef Diploma that starts in the end of July, which is also the perfect mid -year course for young people taking a gap -year, or for those who want to perfect their culinary and baking skills. The Hurst Campus’s Staff: The Hurst Campus’s Staff Rebecca Hurst: Rebecca is director of The Hurst Campus, loves to inspire youngsters. In Rebecca’s words: “ It is an absolute delight to see talented young people learn, grow and evolve, acquiring important people, financial and management skills whilst developing their talents that will launch them into their chosen careers.”. Leonie Barnard: Leonie Barnard is the Principal of the academic side of the business at The Hurst Campus. She says: “I love working with young people. I find them very responsive, fun and full of enthusiasm. I believe that one should stay up to date with technology and always be one step ahead of students, understanding their passions and ambitions, while steering them on the right path. I believe that my lessons must always inspire and ignite their passion.” Graham  Scholtz : Graham  Scholtz has a dual role at The Hurst Campus. He not only lectures and guides students, sharing his many years of industry experience, but also works closely with Rebecca to manage the day to day business operations and internship placements. Contact Details: Contact Details The Hurst Campus can be contacted directly by using the details given below. Email: [email protected] Phone: 0741470801/92 Address: The Hurst Campus, PO Box 155, Simondium , 7670 / PowerPoint Presentation: Thanks for Watching Visit us At

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