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Published on July 29, 2014

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Online Knives Store in Sweden: Online Knives Store in Sweden VIKINGSUN Visit: E-mail: [email protected] Contact No: +46 8545 11880 Vikingsun- Introduction: Vikingsun- Introduction Retail Suppliers of All Types of Knives in Sweden. Best in Class Services. Excellent Prices. Collaboration with various knives manufacturers. User friendly E-commerce online portal for easy order. Products and Features:: Products and Features: Chef Knives Largest online collection of Chef Knives online. Japanese and Western Styled Knives available. Utility Knives Serves multiple cutting purposes. Light Weighted and Easy to handle. PowerPoint Presentation: Vegetables Knives Chopper Knives to cut vegetables. Available in Different Blade and Handle Multi colors. Durable and Rust free, in various sizes. Fillet and Boning Knives Used for fish filleting. Long and Serrated Blades. Products and Features(Contd..): PowerPoint Presentation: For Best Quality Retail Knives Order Visit: E-mail: [email protected] Head Office Contact No : +46 8545 11880

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