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Published on July 30, 2014

Author: trackngrow



5 Easy Steps to a Strong Online Reputation: 5 Easy Steps to a Strong Online Reputation A Reputation Management Company Online Reputation: Online Reputation These are reviews reviews and customer testimonials posted by your customers on: online bookings sites like, Priceline, MakeMyTrip , etc. reviews sites like & Yelp; on social media sites such as google +, facebook ; and on your own website. Online Reputation = Customer reviews about your business on the internet Why do you need a strong Online Reputation?: Why do you need a strong Online Reputation? Strong Online Reputation = Higher Online Sales Higher Pricing Power Lower Advertisement Cost Step 1 – More, Better & Frequent Reviews: Step 1 – More, Better & Frequent Reviews Key to Strong Online Reputation More number of reviews M ore positive reviews M ore frequent reviews How to get more reviews? Solicit online reviews or feedback from your most satisfied customers Verbally ask customers and send email reminder requesting a feedback on major sites such as TripAdvisor , google +, etc. Use reputation management software such as one provided by to automatically send email requests to your customers. These emails are professional looking and motivates customers to provide feedback Step 2 – Reviews Everywhere: Step 2 – Reviews Everywhere Get Reviews on As Many Websites As Possible Making sure your business is listed and has a positive presence in virtually every website your potential customers might visit is another key factor towards a solid online reputation.  Why? Because if you are not present on a particular sales channel, customers will choose a competitor. Similarly, if you don’t have a positive presence, the sales will go to another business that has a positive reputation. Step 3 – Reply to Reviews: Step 3 – Reply to Reviews Why reply to guest reviews? Replying to your guest feedback on sites like shows that the hotel's management listens to the customers voice . Research has shown that when potential customers read management replies to customer feedback, they feel that the management cares about guest concerns and is responsive. Ignoring guest reviews – what does it say? Either the management does not read guest feedback or the management does not care about them. Step 4 – Improve Service: Step 4 – Improve Service Experts believe that listening to customers is one of the best ways to identify issues with your service. Only then can businesses take action to fix gaps and improve guest satisfaction. Listening and taking action are key to getting more positive reviews on the internet. Hotels & restaurants can use reputation management software that can automatically identify issues in specific areas of service , such as breakfast, wi-fi , room, cleanliness, value-for-money, etc. so that managers and employees can make necessary changes and improve satisfaction. Step 5 – Repeat Step 1-4: Step 5 – Repeat Step 1-4 It takes time, hard work and persistence to build a solid online reputation.  Making sure you do all the above 4 steps regularly is the key to success . A system / software that can track these steps and report on a weekly and monthly basis is a sure shot help . R eputation management software helps hotels stay organized and focused to build a culture to grow and build a strong reputation on the internet. Enjoy Higher Online Business: Enjoy Higher Online Business Many industry studies have shown that within the next few years, hotels will start getting as much as 70% of their bookings from the internet. Your business could also get as many online sales, provided you are ready for it. Managing your online reputation is not difficult. You just need to get started. More Information: More Information 5 Easy Steps to Build A Strong Online Reputation Get Upto 60% More Online Bookings with Reputation Management Why hotels can’t afford to Ignore Online Reviews? And learn how reputation management is key to a hotel’s sales success. About TrackNGrow: About TrackNGrow TrackNGrow ( provides online reputation management tool for hotels and other businesses. TrackNGrow makes it easy for hoteliers to track their customer feedbacks from many sites on the internet such as like TripAdvisor ,, etc. The tool allows hotel management to monitor their reviews, quickly reply to reviews on TripAdvisor , compare your online reviews with those of your competitors ( competition analysis ) and identify important service related issues or praises that customers make about your business ( sentiment analysis ). Review Request Feature - It is easy to grow your online reviews with review request feature. The tool is easy to use, setup is free, and it is affordable. Try the 30 Day Free Trial.

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