OnPage Seo in 2016

Information about OnPage Seo in 2016

Published on June 6, 2016

Author: AlishaDavis4

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1. OnPage SEO in 2016 SEO Checklist / Techniques which would help us coping up with the changing trends in 2016

2. OnPage SEO in 2016 Checklist / Techniques ● Majority of the businesses and internet users desire to have Website or a Blog to reach out to their target audiences digitally and easily. All of them are moving to use SEO techniques and are competing with each other. SEO is Search Engine Optimization, it ranks your website higher in the search engine listings. ● Whenever it comes to SEO Techniques, OnPage SEO plays a big role. OnPage SEO consists all the elements on the website/webpage which is visible to the visitors or the search engines. ● It covers everything from URL, content, Internal links, images, social sharing and lot more. ● We are mentioning a quick OnPage SEO Checklist / Techiques which would matter a lot in 2016

3. 1. SEO Friendly URL ● The Onpage SEO URL should be relevant and must be canonical, it should not be as explanatory as possible. URL will be followed by the Crawlers when they see the page. Having a keyword targeted technique in a URL also is a plus-1 for your OnPage SEO.

4. 3. Precise and Relevant Title : ● This SEO technique suggests, the title should be relevant and should consist your targeted keyword. Most important OnPage factor which really plays a big role in deciding whether our blog posts will be doing well on search engines front, is its title. We should make sure we are using targeted keywords or phrase towards the beginning of Title tag.

5. 4. Body Tags (H1, H2…H6) ● You should use heading tags like h2, h3 and h4 etc to highlight various headings, sub-headings and important points. We suggets we have only a single H1 tag on a page. We also suggest do not repeat H2 or H3 tags too many times, as it is considered as negative OnPage SEO practice.

6. 5. Internal Linking In The Website: ● We should have internal linking to other pages on the website. This will create an easy and a better user experience and even reduce the bounce rate of your particular page. This is SEO technique will also make the crawlers crawl all the internal pages and even multiple times.

7. 6. SEO For Images On The Web- Page (Alts) ● Images should be optimized to have a relevant and a meaningful name/URL. ● The images should have proper Alts -> Alternate text, this explains what the images is about and this also is visible when the image is broken or still loading. ● We can also have the targeted keyword in the Alt.

8. 7. Length Of The Content & The Page ● For OnPage SEO in 2016 we suggest the page must be lengthy and full of content. Lengthier the content more is the scope for increasing the proximity of the keywords. ● There are also suggested lengths for some elements, like: – For Title : Approximately 64 words – For Description : Approximately 165 words – For Image Alt : It varies on the basis of the seize of the image or the area it covers.

9. 8. Page Load Speed ● Page load speed plays a crucial role on the User experience and the bounce back ratio on the website. ● To check the Website performance: – http://gtmetrix.com/ – https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/

10. 9. Others OnPage SEO Elements ● There are many more small things which contribute to a better OnPage SEO quality for the website like – Social sharing icons – Outbound links – External links etc.

11. Off Page SEO ● Off Page SEO in 2016, is other side of the coin and is equally important as On Page SEO. We need to equally focus on the Off Page as it has almost equal weightage as On Page in the SEO. Off Page SEO will contribute to your rankings and will help you win the Game.

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