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Published on April 22, 2018

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slide 1: How to Open NPS Account Online Offline Opening NPS account online. Here are following steps 1. Go to eNPS website: On the right hand side of the page click on "registration”. 2. Online subscriber registration page will get opened. Select new registration choose appropriate category enter your Aadhar number and generate OTP. Enter OTP you receive on your registered mobile number and click to continue. 3. Then after clicking “continue” an acknowledgement number will be generated along with your name and a time stamp. Then select “OK”. 4. You will be prompted to enter your personal details. Verify the details after you enter them then click on “Save Proceed” slide 2: 5. Next step you have to enter your bank details in which you have online banking facility. After entering your details of the bank click “Save Proceed” for next step. 6. Next step you will be asked to decide the portfolio allocation among four available fund options subject to a maximum exposure of 50 to equity funds. Once you enter the allocation details nominee details need to be updated. 7. After updating your nominee details you have to upload the cancelled cheque of your account photograph and your specimen signature. 8. In the final stage you have to make your first contribution towards NPS subject to a minimum investment of Rs. 500/-. First payment can be made either through net banking or through credit card with some additional charges. 9. After completing the payment successfully your payment retirement account number PRAN will be generated along with the payment receipt. 10.Click on “Download registration form/E sign” to complete the process of registration by submitting the OTP sent by UIDAI to the mobile number registered with your Aadhar. 2 days working days will be taken for units to be credited against your PRAN number and you will receive an email on your registered email ID regarding IPIN generation for your PRAN that can be used to access your account online and make further investments in your NPS account. Steps to open NPS account offline: 1. Find out nearest PoP point of presence from 63 PoPs throughout the country and almost all the big banks facilitate this service. These banks subscribe you to NPS KYC verification and receive NPS contribution from you. slide 3: 2. Fill in registration form with personal details bank account number asset allocation and pension fund that is to be opted and then your account is opened. 3. Submit all KYC documents and subscribe. In case if you are opening NPS account with your bank there is no need to submit KYC documents. 4. You will be allotted permanent retirement account number PRAN that is unique portable number with you. 5. Minimum investment of Rs. 6000/- every year is to be made and you can open your account with minimum contribution of Rs.500/- 6. You have to pay one time subscription fees of Rs. 125/- to open your NPS account. 7. You can access your account by contacting call centres or online websites with unique password allotted you. 8. A fee of 0.25 of the amount which is applicable on your transaction if the minimum amount of Rs.20/- and maximum Rs. 25000/-. By Alankit Group

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