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Published on November 24, 2007

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Slide1:  Oracle XML Publisher Enterprise Reporting and Delivery Salim Odero Principal Sales Consultant, E-Business Suite Technology Oracle Corporation Which Report Would You Rather Have?:  Which Report Would You Rather Have? XML Publisher Reduces Costs :  XML Publisher Reduces Costs Document Management Requirements:  Rich Formatted Reports Partner Reports Financial Statements Government forms Marketing materials Contracts Checks, Labels XML EFT / EDI Multiple destinations Document Management Requirements Invoices XML / EFT / EDI High Maintenance Costs:  High Maintenance Costs Check Print Server Payment Server Invoice Server Report Formatter Label Manager Labels Delivery Server XML / EFT / EDI 3rd party software and custom solutions are required to satisfy business requirements Highly-skilled engineers required to maintain the 3rd party software servers Costly Time consuming Complex systems Expensive maintenance Labor intensive XML Publisher: Reduce Complexity & Costs :  XML Publisher: Reduce Complexity & Costs XML / EFT / EDI Invoices Oracle XML Publisher Authoring Managing Delivering Your Business Documents Meet Business Requirements Remove Complexity Reduce Maintenance Cost Reduce Total Cost A New Look For Your Business:  A New Look For Your Business Customer Productivity Flexible Customization:  Customer Productivity Flexible Customization Using Classic Reporting Tools:  Requirements Updates… Maintenance forever… Font size change Add another field Margin change Reflect all changes Report Output Using Classic Reporting Tools Report files Classic Reporting Tools Issues:  Data logic Layout Translation Report file Classic Reporting Tools Issues High development cost High customization cost Difficult upgrade XML Publisher Advantage:  XML Publisher Advantage Separate data / layout / UI translation Report output Flexibility Reduced maintenance Data Logic Layout Translation XML Publisher XML Publisher Development:  XML Publisher Development Report Templates Formatting Engine Report Output Business consultants use familiar desktop tools for layout customization Support for Multiple Data Sources XSL XML Rapid Deployment Multiple Data Sources XSL-FO Slide13:  Web Services Templates XML EDI EFT Email Printer Fax WebDAV e-Commerce Output Destinations Oracle, SQL Server Oracle PeopleSoft, Siebel Java, C++, Pearl, etc XML Publisher Data Source Word Excel Acrobat From Data to Destination XSL Layout Tools PDF RTF HTML Excel XML Spy JDeveloper Scriptura Inbound Document Capture:  Inbound Document Capture Application Data Banking XML EFT EFT Excel MSWord PDF Supplier Inbound documents converted to XML and fed back to database Set Up:  Set Up Create MS Word or Adobe Acrobat Template Register Template with XML Publisher Run Concurrent Request Output with XML Publisher template as output option Deli vered Report Output Screenshot:  Deli vered Report Output Screenshot Concurrent Program Definition:  Concurrent Program Definition XML Output File:  XML Output File XML Publisher Template Manager Screenshot:  XML Publisher Template Manager Screenshot Oracle Applications Standardizing on XML Publisher:  Oracle Applications Standardizing on XML Publisher Apps Products Utilizing XML Publisher:  Apps Products Utilizing XML Publisher HRMS/HCM DBI/PMV Purchasing Contracts Sourcing Quoting FSG eRecords Loans Financials Consolidation Hub AP / AR / FA EPB Order Management iStore Project Contracts Marketing Student Services Discrete Manufacturing Process Manufacturing Bill Presentment Internal Controls Manager Global Financials Sub Ledger Accounting SCM Projects Oracle Human Resources:  Oracle Human Resources Business Requirements Generate Employee tax forms Support multiple states and continuation pages Single and Batch processing Access from Self Service Implementation PDF Form Templates XMLP Common Regions XML APIs (Batch) Human Resources Oracle Payments:  Oracle Payments Business Requirements Generate Electronic Funds Transfer files Support 160 formats Very large data input support Deliver via FTP, HTTP Implementation eText Templates Delivery Manager Payments Oracle Sourcing:  Oracle Sourcing Business Requirements Generate integrated output with Contract info Advanced formatting Self service interaction Implementation RTF/XSLFO Templates Multiple data sources /templates Integrated into self service application Sourcing Oracle Financials:  Oracle Financials Business Requirements Generate High Fidelity Output Allow end user customization 10000+ page output No change for report consumers Implementation RTF Templates Scalable transformation Concurrent Manager Integration Financials Oracle Daily Business Intelligence:  Oracle Daily Business Intelligence Business Requirements Generate High Fidelity Output from HTML User level customization Support Images/ Charts Support dynamic links Implementation RTF Templates Charting support Advanced layout features DBI Customer Implementations:  Customer Implementations Customers:  Customers Qualcomm Inc:  Qualcomm Inc Business Requirements Generate Customer Facing Output 18 Invoice formats Multiple output formats EFT Output Empower functional users to build layouts Implementation RTF Templates eText Templates Template Builder Dell Inc:  Dell Inc Business Requirements Generate Customer Facing Output Multiple Data Sources Translation support Multiple Delivery Channels High Volume ~10000 docs/hr Keep database load to a minimum Implementation RTF Templates Delivery Manager Watermarking support Install XMLP on separate server Patches and Papers:  Patches and Papers XML Publisher 4.5 - 3554613 XML Publisher 5.0 – 3822219 XML Publisher 5.0.1 - 4236958 (Core bug fixes) Template Builder Plugin - 4239263 incl user guide, demos, etc Conc Manager Integration – 3435480 Please check the associated About Documents for these patches prior to application Check Printing Paper – Note:312353.1 Single Step Reporting Paper - Note:295409.1 Public Site Slide35:  Oracle XML Publisher Thank You for Your Interest

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