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Published on July 14, 2014

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Order Grocery Online India: Order Grocery Online India PowerPoint Presentation: It is the end of the month – the stores of rice, oil and tea are exhausted. You know you have to refill it. Here comes back the same old routine – walk down to the store, stand amidst the crowd, select stuff and then drag thyself back with heavy bags. Just thinking about the procedure, makes you tired. You can’t send the maid because she doesn’t understand your needs. Only if there was a way to do this conveniently and effectively !! There is a way. Justdial’s Order Grocery service can make your experience more relaxing and less exhausting. ORDER GROCERY ABOUT THE SERVICE: ABOUT THE SERVICE Order Grocery is an online service which allows you to order groceries online from any general store in your nearby locality. The concept is similar to an online grocery store. Justdial has many local general stores registered with them . Justdial is a well organized, local search engine. They have structured solutions to guide you. Online grocery shopping is useful to anybody and everybody – bachelors, spinsters, housewives, house dads, single parents and working people. Anybody who fills up the monthly stock of grocery needs this service . This local search service is available on Justdial’s webpage and on their mobile applications. It is user friendly and simple. online grocery shopping bangalore HOW TO USE THIS SERVICE: HOW TO USE THIS SERVICE If you want to use this service, you just follow these steps Search for a grocery store in your locality You can verify its credibility by using Justdial’s trust factor bar Select the items you want Mention the date and the area so that they know when to deliver and where online grocery shopping mumbai HIGHLIGHTS OF THE SERVICE: HIGHLIGHTS OF THE SERVICE Search Item: This feature allows you to search for whatever item you are looking for instead of browsing through everything that the store offers. Also, you can look for exact specifications of a particular product. For example, if you are looking for some specific coconut oil in a 90 ml bottle, you can find that using this feature.   Repeat Order: This feature allows you to repeat your order. Once you enter your order, they capture it and preserve it. So, in case you want to order the same things next time, just click on the repeat order button from the history . Add your Item: A new feature is going to be introduced. It allows you to also order a grocery item which is not present in the list . Mode of Payment: Cash on Delivery online grocery kolkata Online grocery chennai OTHER HIGHLIGHT: OTHER HIGHLIGHT Apart from this, Justdial provides an updated list, hours of operation and the contact information of the place (maps). They also have features which allow you to share this information with your friends.   Also, once you enter your contact details, there is no need to retype it every time you order. Justdial makes sure you save time and effort!! Online grocery shopping hyderabad online grocery hyderabad WHY TO CHOOSE THEIR SERVICE: WHY TO CHOOSE THEIR SERVICE They believe in customer satisfaction and building long-lasting bonds. Hope that you have a rich and satisfactory experience with Justdial. Visit: http://www.justdial.com/ Buy grocery online mumbai

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