Orlando And Beiber Fight It Dirty: Vaikundarajan

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Published on August 1, 2014

Author: Vaikundarajan

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Orlando And Beiber Fight It Dirty: Vaikundarajan: Orlando And Beiber Fight It Dirty: Vaikundarajan PowerPoint Presentation: Orlando Bloom allegedly attempted to punch Justin Bieier in the face. Vaikundarajan believes that he did so after being instigated by Bieber http://vaikundarajans.wordpress.com PowerPoint Presentation: Vaikundarajan says that this incident happened outside Cipriani restaurant when Bieber said something offensive to Orlando and people had to intervene in between to stop them from fighting http://vaikundarajanblog.blogspot.in PowerPoint Presentation: Rumor has it that the cause for this tiff between the two was Orlando’s ex-wife Miranda Kerr who went out on a date with Bieber while she was still married to Orlando says Vaikundarajan http://vaikundarajans.blogspot.in PowerPoint Presentation: The issue got heated up when Beiber posted a picture of Orlando appearing to cry just after the incident http://vaikundarajans.wordpress.com PowerPoint Presentation: As per Vaikundarajan the matter is quite complicated because Orlando too has ties with Bieber’s ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez http://vaikundarajanblog.blogspot.in PowerPoint Presentation: They were found sitting outside a club and when the cameras spotted them Selena tried to hide her face and Orlando moved away. Vaikundarajan feels that this might also be a reason behind the feud between Beiber and Orlando http://vaikundarajans.blogspot.in PowerPoint Presentation: Vaikundarajan feels that this incident could have been avoided if both the men would have kept their calm and behaved appropriately http://vaikundarajans.wordpress.com PowerPoint Presentation: Vaikundarajan Blogs http://vaikundarajans.wordpress.com http://vaikundarajanblog.blogspot.in http://vaikundarajans.blogspot.in PowerPoint Presentation: Social Media https://www.facebook.com/subramanian.vaikundarajan https://twitter.com/VaikundarajanS https://plus.google.com/115528313448062051565 PowerPoint Presentation: THANK YOU

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