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Published on August 6, 2014

Author: grapesdigital

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Website Designing: Website Designing Grapes Digital Pvt. Ltd www.grapessoftware.com [email protected] +91 9999 017 990 5 Popular Website Design Elements That Have Gone Obsolete Obsolete Elements Of Website Design: Obsolete Elements Of Website Design Frame Sets Splash Pages Tables Flash Images M.dot sites Over the years, many web design techniques have been introduced that made following popular web page elements a thing of the past. +91 9999 017 990 Frames Set: Frames Set Broken Framesets. Search Engine doesn’t deal with frames well. Linking Issues. Printing Problems. URL in the address bar always stays the same. Frames are a way to achieve certain effects and/or solve certain problems in web design. Cons of Frame Set are : +91 9999 017 990 Splash Pages: Splash Pages Usability is completely flawed. Display n othing for S earch engine. Prevents site visitor to immediately enter your website. Prevent search engines from adding other pages on Site. A nimation can be repetitive. Splash pages are an introductory page to your Web site.  They typically offer graphic or logo, animation or flash movie. Cons of Splash Pages are : +91 9999 017 990 Tables: Tables Impair the accessibility of a page. Cost web developers more time. Layout are inflexible. Increase the size of your files.  Code is too messy. Different default settings in different browsers. HTML tables should only be used to display data in tabular form, should only be used for rendering data that belongs naturally in a grid. Cons of Usage Of Tables are : +91 9999 017 990 Flash: Flash Google can’t index Or read flash. Website won’t appear on any search engines. Annoying for the customer. Loading time is more. Don’t work on Apple mobile devices. Flash is an old program used to build websites that can make animations and fun. Cons of Usage Of Flash are : +91 9999 017 990 M.Dot Sites: M.Dot Sites Multiple redirects to send the client to the mobile site Information finding is not an easy task. SEO not great with m.dot redirects Loading time is more. An “m.dot” site is encountered when a company redirects a user to a separate, mobile version of its site. Cons of Usage Of m.dot Sites are : +91 9999 017 990 Contact Details: Contact Details Grapes Digital Pvt. Ltd 257-A, 3rd Floor, Hauz Rani Market, Opp. Max Hospital- Saket , New Delhi-110017 Call Now +91-11-266862 00/01/02 +91 9999 017 990 Email Us @ [email protected] Visit Us @ www.grapessoftware.com +91 9999 017 990

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