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Published on July 21, 2014

Author: teqts113076

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TEQTS.CO.ZA: TEQTS.CO.ZA TEQTS deals in distributing services - Typesetting, Copy Editing, Data conversion, eBook Conversion,  and Proof Reading services to educational institutes, corporate and Government Organizations all across the globe. Your Ideal Data Conversion Partner WWW.TEQTS.CO.ZA Data Conversion: D a ta Conversion With TEQTS, convert your data with on time delivery and data security WWW.TEQTS.CO.ZA Data Conversion: Data Conversion Relocating Data from one document organization to another one without losing Data uprightness. WWW.TEQTS.CO.ZA HTML Conversion: HTML Conversion Convert HTML file into another well known formats and Vice Versa. WWW.TEQTS.CO.ZA XML Conversion: XML Conversion Converting Word/Excel/PDF to XML design for setting Templates. WWW.TEQTS.CO.ZA EBook Conversion: EBook Conversion Convert your printed book, Data into eBook and Design your home page . WWW.TEQTS.CO.ZA Typesetting: Typesetting We have expertise to perform typesetting for documents in other languages like Dutch, French, German, Italian over English WWW.TEQTS.CO.ZA Editorial Services: Editorial Services Remove any kind of mistake from your documents, data and eBook. WWW.TEQTS.CO.ZA Contact Us: Contact Us Address: 136, Hornbill Road, Douglasdale , Johannesburg 2191 Web: www.teqts.co.za E-Mail Id: [email protected]   Thank You WWW.TEQTS.CO.ZA

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