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Published on August 18, 2015

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Slide1: Overview of business analytics training www.imarticus.org Slide2: Imarticus offers industry relevant programs that provide diverse career opportunities within the Investment Banking and the Business Analytics industry An Investment Banking & Business Analytics Learning Organization Industry relevant curriculum with experienced faculty from top Investment Banks and Analytics firms. Interactive learning, with real-life case studies and simulations along with a fully integrated learning management system www.imarticus.org Slide3: www.imarticus.org Why are students attracted to school of investment banking? New course- The field is very new in the industry, which is one of the major reasons why students are attracted to it. Herd mentality- Most students also follow their peers and friends into degrees and programs they are applying to and develop herd mentality. Good money- School of investment banking is also a hit amongst students and working professional going for further education because it has good money-making opportunities after completion. Slide4: www.imarticus.org Who can enroll for this course? In order to complete the business analytics certification , professionals must belong to professional fields such as, Statistics, Finance, Economics, Marketing, Analytics, Computer Science and Mathematics. With knowledge of the respective field along with new tools and techniques, skills will help to provide solutions for business. But to be precise and specific, there are no set of skills that one must have; basic knowledge about mathematics and ability to understand analytical problems will be enough. Slide5: www.imarticus.org What are the benefits after completing business analytics training? Personality development: One of the side-impacts in a positive way through any educational program is development in one’s personality. Confidence booster: Having a skill or knowledge in a particular field, better than others, is not only a confidence booster, but also a matter pride. Enhances the CV: A good CV can have a great first impression on any recruiter, be it for an education degree or HR of an MNC. Thus, such a course can help people enhance their CVs, making them better than the lot. Basics cleared: Business analytics training also helps people clear their basics on financial and accounting concepts. At times, people have difficulties remembering the basics, especially if they are not from the given background, in which case this course does wonders. Slide6: www.imarticus.org Thank You

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