P.D.F FREE DOWNLOAD Introduction to Hospitality | (BY-John R. Walker)

Information about P.D.F FREE DOWNLOAD Introduction to Hospitality | (BY-John R. Walker)

Published on July 11, 2019

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1. Introduction to Hospitality AVAILABLE IN : KINDLE / HARDCOVER / PAPERBACK

2. Descriptions : Prepare students to succeed in any area of the hospitality industry. Introduction to Hospitality, 7/e, focuses on hospitality operations while offering a broad, comprehensive view of the world's largest industry. The text is organized into four sections: hospitality and lodging; beverages, restaurants, and managed services; tourism, recreation, attractions, clubs, and gaming; and assemblies, events, attractions, leadership, and management. Each section includes real-world profiles, first- hand accounts, and engaging case studies to help readers connect with the material and foster an appreciation of the industry's unique enthusiasm and passion. New photos, page layouts, and hands-on examples help students understand the how-to aspects of today's hospitality industry. Updated to reflect today's trends and realities, the Seventh Edition contains new coverage of spas, updated and new corporate profiles, salary information, hospitality-related technologies, and more! Also available with

3. q q q q q q Details : Author : John R. Walker Pages : 656 pages Publisher : Pearson Language : ISBN-10 : 0133762769 ISBN-13 : 9780133762761

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